Channel Partners

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Become a Proptia Channel Partner

The Proptia Partner Program enables resellers, installers, and integrators to grow their businesses and delight their customers. We make it easy to offer customers a cutting edge solution that allows them to manage, secure, and operate their commercial or residential real estate assets from a user-friendly single-sign-on solution. No more disparate systems or redundant data entry.

We understand the challenges that integrators face. That’s why we work hard to make it easy to work with Proptia Enterprise Solution

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Increase Revenue

Proptia gives you an opportunity to increase the value of your current and future customers by adding an additional revenue stream on hardware, services, and monthly recurring revenue share.

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Responsive Support

Proptia's responsive and proficient sales team is committed to helping you close deals in any way you require, including joint calls, demos, and technical deep-dives.

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Improve Margins

Because Proptia is cloud-based, you can provide the same great customer service experience for lower operating costs which allows you to retain strong margins.

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Get More Leads

Proptia is committed to generating leads for our partners via a targeted multi-channel marketing strategy. 100% of qualified leads are passed to you!

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Excite Your Customers

Proptia cost-effectively provides tools that help your customers manage visitors, control access, manage IoT devices, and administer communications and operations all from a single-sign-on.

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Grow Your Customer Base

Proptia products are extremely easy to price, demo, install, and support! The value proposition is clear to end customers, and the product is easy for anyone to learn! We also provide training!