How It Works

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Proptia is Only Available Through Our Trusted Channel Partners

Proptia prides itself on providing a high-touch and high-impact service for our customers. We're able to do so through collaboration with a network of highly qualified, vetted, and aligned partners local to your home, community, and valuable commercial real estate assets.

How we determine if a partner is a good fit:

  • Great customer service reputation
  • The overall quality of their support
  • They must offer emergency support
  • You will talk to an actual human being
  • Must have required certifications
  • Must be technology adept

Here's What To Expect

We understand that the software is only as good as the quality of the implementation and level of engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Proptia different from other cloud-based security companies?

The level of support, the breadth of functionality, and the user interface (UI). We made sure that the software is delightful and easy to use for end-users. We understand that many of our end-users may not be security experts so we designed software that was intuitive and allowed our customers to have their finger on the pulse of their security operations.

How much support does Proptia offer its clients?

Proptia has a dedicated support team to provide 24/7 support for our dealers and customer for software-related services. Proptia comes with a built-in ticketing system that interfaces with you the customer, your installing dealer, and our support team. Support is a two-pronged approach between Proptia and your dealer of record. Proptia makes sure we only partner with the best security integrators in major markets. They are heavily trained on the software and the hardware and we make sure they have the full capability to support you the customer with both hardware and software-related items.

What happens after the initial consultation with Proptia?

Proptia will introduce you to one of our local authorized dealers. The dealer will want to schedule a physical site walk to look at your current infrastructure and determine the scope of work and labor. Once that is complete the dealer will put together a proposal comprised of hardware, software, and labor plus ancillary services and on-going maintenance agreements decided upon between you and the dealer.

What happens if we approve the project how does implementation work?

We’ll schedule a kick-off call with you and your dealer to discuss the entire project and set expectations on timelines and deliverables. From there the process includes ordering hardware, standing up your site, receiving your data, and importing your data into Proptia. Preparing the hardware, installing the hardware, testing, training, and communicating with stakeholders, residents, staff, and security personnel. This is very high-level but a process we’ve done time and time again.