Cloud Based Gate Access Control

What's the Purpose of Gate Access Control?

The purpose of gate access control is straightforward – it encompasses systems designed to regulate and limit entry or exit from a specific area or facility. Whether it’s managing traditional iron gates or automated barriers, gate access control serves as the instrumental solution in ensuring controlled and secure access. There are many types of gates, if you’d like to explore more read “Types of Security Gates Which is Right for You?”

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Smartphone Access

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Key Fobs

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Proximity Cards


Remote Controls

Enhance the safety and security of Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and gated communities with our advanced gate access control solutions. Our systems are designed to safeguard communities, ensuring peace of mind for residents. Proptia’s state-of-the-art gate access systems seamlessly integrate with various access control methods, including Bluetooth mobile credentials, RFID transponders, fobs, and proxy cards. Whether it’s controlling access to amenities like pools or managing vehicle entry through perimeter gates, our comprehensive solutions provide a reliable and efficient means of managing your gates.

Gate Access Control

Built For 100% Web-Based Gate Access Control

Whether at your desk or on the go, Proptia will enable you to have your finger on the pulse of your vehicle and pedestrian gates.

  • Real-time monitoring of all your gates
  • Control access to vehicle and pedestrian gates
  • Compatible with Bluetooth Smartphone Credentials to reduce loss and loan issues with fobs
  • Activate and deactive devices such as mobile credentials, fobs, and proxy cards
  • Manage permissions to accommodate different gate access levels
gate access control

Community Access System Reporting

Gates Access Transactions Live Monitor

Custom Access Levels For All Doors and Gates

Gate Access Control Access Levels

Secure Your Community, People, and Data

With Proptia's module-based architecture, you can turn on and off features with a click of a button. When enabled, modules seamlessly integrate with one another allowing for centralized security gate systems for gated communities. From license plate recognition to telephone entry, Proptia has it all.

Mobile Manual Controls To Reduce Cost of Hardware and Infrastructure

Proptia's technology allows our products to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, providing a comprehensive solution that adds value to the infrastructure investments you already have on-site.

mobile manual controls
none clonable credentials

Non-cloneable credentials

Issued mobile credentials, fobs, and transponders are 100% unique for each and every resident. Credentials are never recycled in the US, so you can rest assured that they will never be cloned. That’s the kind of peace of mind that only one of the most trusted gated community access control systems can offer.

Grant Temporary Access

You have full control not just over who gets access but also for how long. Need to give a guest entrance privileges for a few hours? Proptia’s community gate access control systems make it easy to do so.

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Mobile Credentialed Access

Residents and staff alike can gain access with their smartphone using Proptia Mobile Credentieled Access. Going mobile also enhances security and reduces loss, loan, and clone as people are unlikely to share and lend out their smart phone.

Shared Access Levels

Do you operate several sites that share a facility, amenity or gate? With Proptia Shared Door Groups you can allow organizations to share access to one or more doors and gates.

shared door groups
scheduled hold opens

Scheduled Recurring Hold Opens

Need to keep entrances open for an extended period of time? You can program hold opens on Proptia to make ingress and egress easy.

Scheduled Device Activation and Expiration

Physical credentials and access levels can be set to expire at predetermined schedules, ensuring that unauthorized individuals do not retain access beyond the initial length of time. This can come in handy for vendors and service providers needing to access your community and facilities to perform work

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Proptia's open technology allows our products to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, providing a comprehensive solution that adds value to the infrastructure investments you already have on-site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is credentialed access important for HOAs and businesses?

At the core credentialed access makes sure that only those who are authorized can get into a community or building.

We already have readers installed and credentials issued can we keep them?

In many cases yes you can keep your readers and credentials but it’s important for us to identify the manufacturer just to make sure. Proptia can integrate with major manufacturers of credentialed access readers and credentials.

Aren’t credentials and fobs easy to clone? How does this system fight false credentials?

Older credentials were very easy to clone but Proptia’s credentials are OSDP compliant non-cloneable credentials. They are encrypted credentials/readers for Mobile, Key-Fob, and Keycard and guaranteed to never produce a duplicate within the USA

Can we import all of our existing credentials into Proptia so that we don’t have to reissue new ones?

Yes once we’ve determined that Proptia can read your existing credentials and integrate with your existing readers we can work with you to import all of your credentials into the software. It’s important to audit your credentials first so that you are not uploading inaccurate data into a new system.