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About Proptia

Proptia was founded by a team of engineers and consultants in the security integration and property management software space. With their extensive background providing technology and services to HOAs, property management companies, and the commercial real estate sector, the founding team saw first-hand the need for innovation to cloud-based security solutions for the commercial and residential real estate industry.


Leveraging their deep expertise in enterprise software, IoT, and cloud technologies, Proptia was born with its first product being cloud-managed access control, visitor management, and integrated License Plate OCR.


Today, Proptia offers a modular single-sign-on platform that includes Credentialed Access, Visitor Management, Telephone Entry, and AI-powered license plate recognition. All of these modules work seamlessly together giving customers unparalleled insights into their access and visitor management.


This unique platform is only the beginning as we believe there are so many ways to combine great software with smart hardware to make all of our communities more intelligent, secure, and productive. Learn more

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Why Proptia?

  • Founded and operated by industry veterans
  • Service and support is a primary company focus
  • Comprehensive onboarding and education
  • Innovating with the latest technology
  • Built with cutting edge security standards