Bluetooth Access Control For Doors and Gates

Property managers, are you fed up with the hassle of lost, loaned, or cloned fobs and access cards?

Switch to Bluetooth Door and Gate Access for a seamless and secure solution!

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Experience seamless, cutting-edge security with Proptia's advanced Bluetooth door and gate access solutions. Our enterprise-level technology and robust encryption bring unparalleled security to your community. Perfect for vehicle entry gates, pedestrian doors and gates, and amenities, our systems provide smooth, keyless entry. Say goodbye to the hassle of lost or loaned fobs and keys and enjoy peace of mind with superior, unauthorized access prevention. Upgrade your security infrastructure with Proptia today

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Streamline Your Entry Points with Bluetooth Door Access Control

Discover the future of security with Bluetooth door access and gate access solutions from us. Ideal for everything from high-rises to expansive gated communities, our innovative systems provide smooth entry, ensuring you never have to worry about lost keys or unauthorized access. With our Bluetooth technology, you can:

  • Control access through your smartphone
  • Ensure secure and encrypted entry
  • Enjoy hands-free convenience
  • Manage access remotely
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Bluetooth Amenity Access

Amenity Access with Bluetooth Door Access Control

Enhance your access control with Proptia’s Bluetooth Amenity Access System, delivering fast and secure entry to all your doors. Perfect for pool gates, tennis and pickleball courts, BBQ areas, and firepits. Whether for large gated communities or smaller complexes, our solution streamlines credential management, providing a seamless and stress-free experience for both managers and residents.

  • Easy integration with your existing systems
  • Customizable access levels for different users
  • Enhanced security for all amenities
  • Streamlined management through a central platform

One-Click Activation for Users

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Bluetooth Readers Access Control

Bluetooth Door and Gate Access

You’ll experience the ultimate reliability of a Bluetooth door and gate access. Our state-of-the-art systems are designed to provide both maximum security and unparalleled convenience. Here are some key features. Proptia's Bluetooth door access and Bluetooth gate access solutions are perfect for enhancing the security and convenience of any property, ensuring that only authorized individuals can gain entry:

  • Robust Encryption: Prevent unauthorized access with advanced encryption.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a simple and intuitive user experience.
  • Quick Installation: Benefit from a fast and easy setup process.
  • Versatile Entry Points: Adapt our solutions to various entry points.
Bluetooth gate and door access

Secure Gate Access Solutions

At Proptia, we prioritize your security with our door access and Bluetooth gate access solutions, designed to provide the highest level of protection. Our systems offer:

  • Keyless entry, giving you ultimate convenience without the hassle of managing physical keys.
  • You can manage access remotely, allowing you to control who enters your property from anywhere, at any time.
  • With real-time access monitoring, you can keep track of every entry and exit, ensuring you are always aware of who is on your property.
  • If a device is lost or stolen, our easy access revocation feature allows you to revoke access, quickly maintaining your property’s security.
Bluetooth Credential Transactions

Vehicle Gates


Amenities and Common Areas



Stay Organized and Accurate

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Easy to Assign Credentials to Residents, Tenants, and Staff

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the benefits of using Bluetooth door access?

Bluetooth door access provides keyless entry, allowing for secure and convenient access. With Bluetooth door access, you can control entry points through your smartphone, ensuring only authorized individuals can gain entry.

How does Bluetooth gate access enhance the overall property security?

Bluetooth gate access enhances security by providing robust encryption and real-time monitoring. With Bluetooth gate access, you can manage and track entries efficiently, ensuring only those authorized can access the property.

Why is Bluetooth amenity access ideal for different property types?

Bluetooth amenity access is an ideal solution for properties, offering enhanced security compared to traditional physical credentials such as fobs and proximity cards. Physical credentials can be easily lent to unauthorized individuals, posing significant security risks and liabilities. Our Bluetooth access technology mitigates these concerns by providing secure and convenient entry to doors, gates, and other amenities. Additionally, it simplifies the management of amenity and facility reservations, ensuring seamless and comprehensive protection for your property.

Can mobile devices be used to enter vehicle gates as well?

Yes, our long-range Bluetooth technology allows mobile credentials to open vehicle gates either passively or through a physical action and swipe on the app. Many customers prefer mobile credentials over traditional remote clickers or transponders. This approach eliminates the need to manage physical inventory and schedule appointments to issue physical credentials, streamlining the access process and enhancing convenience.