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Convenient and Secure Telephone Entry Systems

Multiple models to choose from based on your needs. Whether for a gated community with drive up engagements, or a luxury apartment complex we have a model that can fit your needs on features, asthetics, and budget.

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Gated Communities

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Residential High-Rise

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Multiple Models Available

  • Choose based on application, budget and aesthetic needs
  • Touch Screen and Keypad
  • Integration to Access Control System
  • Remote Configuration
  • Intuitive Controls and Search
  • Customizable Intercom System for Business and Residential Properties

Don't Miss The Call and Leave Your Visitors Waiting

It's frustrating to miss a phone call from your call box and leave your guests or vendors sitting there waiting. Just text them a pass with an entry code ahead of time and be done with it.

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One solution. Maximum value.

Proptia's open technology allows our products to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, providing a comprehensive solution that adds value to the infrastructure investments you already have on-site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What options are available to visitor access

  • Visitors can find the resident or employee’s name on the touch screen directory, call them, and the employee or resident can answer the call and press ‘9’ to let the visitor in.
  • Employees and residents can text their visitors digital ePasses that allow the visitor to scan their pass at the unit to gain entry. Notification via text and email will go out to the host as soon as the visitor has been processed.
  • Digital ePasses with one-time unique access codes can be sent to a visitor and the visitors can punch in their unique one-time code on a touchscreen pin pad.
  • Visitors can call into a remote concierge and the concierge can process those visitors and remotely let them into the community or building.

What limitations can you set for digital passes?

Admins have complete control over how digital passes work. Passes can be programmed for one-day one-use as well as passes can be set to be recurring and permanent passes for regular service providers such as dog walkers, nanny’s, or cleaners.

How do telephone entry systems fit in with an overall cloud-based security system?

Telephone entry units and our visitor processing kiosks provide a layer of security and convenience for processing visitors. Similar to a human processing visitors at a guardhouse of the front desk. These units can scan passes, contact residents, capture images of guests, record every transaction, and connect to a remote security team or concierge.

Can multiple people within an office or property be in the directory?

Yes, multiple people tied to a specific property address or office can have their name listed in the directory as well as control what number the unit calls when a visitor arrives.