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Affordable Residential License Plate Recognition

Security, safety and value is at the heart of property management. But given how many cars enter and exit a residential community, how can you keep track of each and every one of them? With Proptia’s Automatic License Plate Recognition system, you can wave goodbye to manually logging car plates. A high-speed camera and sophisticated software capture license plates in real-time with 98% + accuracy.

What is an Automatic License Plate Recognition System?

It is a security technology that captures an image or video of a vehicle and its license plate number, regardless of whether the car is moving or a full stop. Once captured, the software analyzes and saves the information in a centralized cloud database that only authorized personnel can access.

With automated license plate recognition, you can:

  • Enhance community security
  • Automatically store all license plate data to the cloud
  • Make vehicle entry faster and more convenient for gate attendants
  • Know exactly what vehicles came in, where, for how long, and if they’ve left or not
  • Works with most existing IP cameras on the market
License Plate Recognition HOA Entry Lane

All the LPR Reports you need

Powerful reporting and filtering. Search by vehicle type, attribute, time parameters, pass types, and tags.

  • Capture Make, Model, Color, and Type
  • Gathers plate and vehicle image
  • Transactions
  • Vehicles Onsite
  • Vehicle Activity
  • Muster Report
  • Time On-Site
  • Unregistered Vehicle Report
  • Cut Through Report
  • Roving Vehicle Report
  • Overstay Report
LPR reports

License Plate Recognition Resident Access

Proptia revolutionizes resident access by utilizing their license plates, ensuring market-leading accuracy and reliability. Unlike traditional methods requiring transponders or physical credentials, Proptia simplifies the process for management. No more handing out or mailing physical credentials—simply assign the resident’s access level and activate their vehicle plate number. It’s a convenient, efficient, and secure way to manage access.

  • Management can assign custom access level’s to resident license plates
  • Control temporary access
  • Control permanent access
  • Simple and quick
  • Reduce administration
resident LPR access
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License Plate Recognition Visitor Access

Proptia allows you to process visitors with license plate recognition. Staff and residents can add their temporary and permanent visitors. When that visitor arrives for the first time, the system will capture their license plate number and vehicle information. It will tie that plate to the visitor record, so that when that visitor arrives the next time, as long as they are still active, the license plate camera will read their plate and allow access.

  • Allow users to add visitors and vendor plates
  • Control temporary access
  • Control permanent access
  • Fast and effecient
  • Reduce visitor lines

How Does Automatic License Plate Recognition Work?

While an automatic license plate recognition system might sound too good to be true, rest assured that it’s backed by cutting-edge technology. That’s why Proptia’s solution is the preferred choice of top residential developers and many exclusive communities. The integration of all systems takes residential security to a whole new level.

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Image Capture

Using IP cameras located at entrance and exit gates, Proptia is able to capture license plate, vehicle, make, model, color, and type on the fly.
Unlike other camera setups, however, we employ a high-speed processing that can accurately capture vehicle information even if a car is in motion.


Machine Learning

Of course, capturing license information is just the first part of the equation. Once a plate has been captured, Proptia’s advanced license plate recognition software takes over and accurately interprets the alphanumeric data. So accurate is our system that it registers accurate license plate details 98% of the time.



Through your community’s security cameras, it will take a still photo of the license plate and the entire vehicle of each one that enters and leaves the premises 24/7. You can also run very detailed reports such as on-premise reports, time-on-site reports, and unregistered vehicle reports just to name a few.

range rover license plate

Are you a property manager or HOA board member looking to upgrade your community access control systems ? Learn more about Proptia’s features by booking a demo with one of our consultants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to manually enter vehicle information for the license plate cameras to detect the vehicle make and model?

No, Proptia’s license plate recognition software will automatically identify vehicle make, model, color, license plate number, vehicle image and plate image in real-time. License and number plate recognition is available in nearly 70 countries and growing.

How do ALPR systems make an HOA community or business campus safer?

License plate recognition technologies enables you to capture another layer of data should an incident occur. That data can only be accessed via approved administrators of the system and if they choose, they can share that information with law enforcement. License plate recognition has the ability to capture not only who entered the community or access a particular street but it can also capture who and when a vehicles exited an area or community. When you put together entry and exit license plate reading you can run detailed reports to see who came in that hasn’t left, who left between certain times, you can even find unregistered vehicles to spot tailgaters or vehicles cutting through your community.

Does the license plate recognition read at night?

Yes, Proptia’s license plate recognition reads very successfully at night. The software is trained to operate in low light conditions and the machine learning algorithms are able to still detect vehicle make, model, and color.

What kind of data reporting can you expect from ALPR systems

Below is a list of reports you can run in Proptia. Not only can you run a report manually but you can create reports, save them, and set your reports to automatically run on a recurring basis. Daily, Weekly, Monthly and automatically email to the appropriate individuals.

      1. Capture Make, Model, Color, and Type
      2. Gathers plate and vehicle image
      3. Transactions
      4. Vehicles Onsite
      5. Vehicle Activity
      6. Muster Report
      7. Time On-Site
      8. Unregistered Vehicle Report
      9. Cut Through Report
      10. Roving Vehicle Report
      11. Overstay Report