Mobile Credentials

Smart Phone Door and Gate Access Control System

Using Mobile Credentials for access control is becoming more and more relavent today as property managers, building owners, and operators are looking to reduce loss, loan, and clone with traditional fobs and key cards.

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Reduce Hassle, Improve Security

Putting your credentials behind the most encrypted device most people own and rarely leave home without, you can increase the level of security in your community, from the front gate to residents’ front doors.

  • More Secure Than Traditional Fobs and Transponders
  • One Credential To Access Community Doors and Gates
  • Automatic Move-In Move-Out Credential Activation and Deactivation
  • Reduce The Need To Manually Issue, Store, and Revoke Physical Credentials
  • Do away with loss, loan, and clone

Vehicle Gates


Amenities and Common Areas



Easy to Setup and Maintain

By adopting smartphone access control systems, you can take your community to the next level with greater security and convenience

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Simple for Residents and Staff

When you assign a mobile credential through Proptia’s interface, each resident will receive an activation email outlining the 2-step setup process. All they have to do is download the app and input their unique activation code. Then, they’re good to go. It’s that simple!

  • Simple 2-step Email Activation Process
  • Residents Use The App To Unlock Nearest Door or Gate
  • Siri and Google Voice Compatible
  • Reduce Loss, Loan, and Clone

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are mobile credentials better for overall security than fobs or transponders

Yes, mobile credentials are unique to each smart device e.g iPhone or Android. They cannot be duplicated or shared. Furthermore, fobs can easily be shared with unauthorized individuals whereas someone is a lot less likely to lend out their iPhone to someone than they are a fob.

Are mobile credentials easy to upload and update with the Proptia system?

Yes, mobile credentials are issued, activated, and deactivated via the cloud. To issue a new mobile credential to a resident or employee simply make sure you have a valid email address on file and you can issue them a credential directly to their email in Proptia.

Do mobile credentials increase the efficiency of cloud-based security systems?

Yes by going mobile you reduce the hassle of managing an inventory of physical credentials and you reduce the chances of loss, loan, and clone.

Can mobile devices be used to enter vehicles gates as well?

Yes, oftentimes customers will turn to mobile credentials instead of traditional remote clickers or transponders. Again this prevents having to manage physical inventory and set up appointments to issue physical credentials to individuals.