Remote Visitor Processing Kiosks

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Modern Gated Community Visitor Processing

Enhance your communication and visitor experience by providing virtual security access control to your owners, tenants, and staff to quickly and efficiently manage guest and vendor lists and the check-in process, whether onsite or remote. Proptia is a visitor management software that makes the entire process smoother and more intuitive without sacrificing security—giving you the best of both worlds.

  • Send digital ePasses with specific day and time perimeters
  • Sleek luxurious modern design will be aesthetically appealing to residents and guests
  • Industry-leading scanning technology, rugged construction, and excellent motion tolerance
  • Scanner rated for direct sunlight at 100,000 lux
  • Be notified when your guest arrives via text message notifications
  • Comes in stainless steel or black
  • Can be mounted on post or flush

Super Easy for Residents and Associates to Issue ePasses From The Mobile App!

Security Snapshots

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Mobile ePasses

Proptia allows users to quickly issue digital ePasses for entry into manned and unmanned gates. The app generates unique access codes that are secure, personalized, and never recycled.

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Custom Reports

Imagine a secure visitor management system that lets you see visitor frequency and volume in just a few clicks. Create custom analytics reports that yield crucial insight and help you make data-driven decisions.

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Works Offline

Internet goes down? No problem. The visitor processing kiosk is internet independent.

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Pass Types

Property managers have complete control over what kind of access to grant guests. Want to give main gate privileges but restrict access to residents-only areas? It’s possible and easy with Proptia

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Manually recording each visitor's license plate is time-consuming and leaves the door open for critical errors should an incident occur. Let our powerful Automatic License Plate Recognition system handle this job for you.

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Incident Reports

Something comes up during your shift? Flag it on the system so all other property managers know about the issue.

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Once a visitor checks in, Proptia will immediately send a text message to the resident letting them know they’ve arrived.

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Manage Vendors

It’s not just visitors who can enjoy quicker check-ins; vendors, suppliers, contractors, and the like will surely love using Proptia, too.

Printed Passes

If your site also issues printed-passes these can also be scanned at unmanned or interior gates!

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No pass, no problem!

Visitors can call the host by finding them on the directory. The host can simply press ‘9’ to grant access.

Are you a property manager or HOA board member looking to upgrade your community access control systems ? Learn more about the features of Proptia’s virtual guard software by booking a demo with one of our consultants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do remote visitor processing kiosks help to save cost and streamline the process of granting access?

They provide a user-friendly option for residents and staff to receive visitors and vendors. The units are self-explanatory and easily navigated by visitors either using the directory or using a digital pass that was sent to them. Visitor processing kiosks can help save money on the cost of physical gate guards or front desk personal. Going a step further they can also still be remotely managed by off-site security or concierge services via audio and video functionality.

What if a guest doesn’t have a smartphone? Can this system give them access?

Yes, they can easily search for their host’s name on the directory, call the host, and the host can let the visitor in.

What do the kiosks look like? Do they blend in well with their surroundings?

The kiosks come in black and brushed nickel, they can be installed surface mount, flush mount, or on a gooseneck. They are low profile and aesthetic.

How do visitor processing kiosks integrate into larger cloud-based security systems?

In Proptia the visitor processing kiosk is one of many modules that integrate with one another. Proptia provides a true single sign-on system where you can have complete control of all your buildings and communities and within each, you’ll have access to all of your directories, kiosks, access control doors and gates, your credentials, and even your license plate cameras from one central location.