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Gatehouse Visitor Management

Proptia provides an all-encompassing software suite for gated communites, resorts, country clubs, golf clubs, and any other gaurd gated properties

  • Easy to implement
  • Speeds up processing
  • Increases accuracy
  • Easy to learn

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Modern Gated Community Visitor Tracking

Enhance your communication and visitor experience by providing tools to your owners, tenants, and staff to quickly and efficiently manage guest and vendor lists and the check-in process, whether onsite or remote. Proptia is a visitor management software that makes the entire process smoother and more intuitive without sacrificing security—giving you the best of both worlds.

  • Send digital ePasses with specific day and time perimeters
  • Guard and Lobby Dashboard with offline capabilities.
  • Customize passes to your community, brand, or company
  • Be notified when your guest arrives via text message notifications
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Visitor Processing Kiosk

The Proptia Visitor Processing Kiosk's Design Is Inspired By the Key Benchmarks of Today's Best-In-Class POS Systems Which Focus On The Following:

  • Distance To Screen
  • Time Pressures
  • Physicality
  • Lighting Quality (Light and Dark Mode)
  • Misconduct
  • Internet Independent
  • Continuous Sync
  • Remote Support and Maintenance

License Plate Recognition Visitor Management

Automate and speed up visitor processing with the use of License Plate Recognition

Proptia’s built-in license plate recognition allows residents to add their visitor’s license plate numbers to the software and issue them a temporary or permanent pass. When the visitor arrives OCR LPR cameras pick up the visitor’s plate and reference it against the visitor database. If it’s a valid plate the system will fire the relay and allow the visitor entry while still recording the transaction, vehicle make, model, color, and type with accompanying images of both the vehicle and the plate
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The Visitor Management Suite

We've designed Proptia Visitor Management with accuracy, reporting, security, convenience, speed, and support in mind. The visitor management solution was built with one goal in mind: to delight both property managers, residents, security personnel and guests alike.

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Mobile ePasses

Proptia allows users to quickly issue digital ePasses for entry into manned and unmanned gates. The app generates unique access codes that are secure, personalized, and never recycled.


Custom Reports

Imagine a secure visitor management system that lets you see visitor frequency and volume in just a few clicks. Create custom analytics reports that yield crucial insight and help you make data-driven decisions.


Works Offline

Internet goes down? No problem. The visitor processing kiosk is internet independent. Gate attendants and front desk personnel can still process visitors.

pass types

Pass Types

Property managers have complete control over what kind of access to grant guests. Want to give main gate privileges but restrict access to residents-only areas? It’s possible and easy with Proptia



Capture vehicle make, model, color, type and license plate in real-time at your entry and exit gates allowing you to run detailed reports on who came, went, and is still in the community.

incident reports

Incident Reports

Something comes up during your shift? Flag it on the system so all other property managers know about the issue.



Once a visitor checks in, Proptia will immediately send a text message to the resident letting them know they’ve arrived.


Manage Vendors

It’s not just visitors who can enjoy quicker check-ins; vendors, suppliers, contractors, and the like will surely love using Proptia, too.

Proptia Pass

Printed Passes

Property managers have complete control over what kind of pass-types residents are able to issue permanent and temporary guests. Setting up pass-types is easy. Realtor passes, vendor passes, 1-day passes, or annual service provider's up to you!

Mobile Visitor Processing

For very busy communities or large events, Proptia’s mobile visitor processing capabilities allow your gate attendants to get out of the guardhouse and process visitors card side with a tablet and mobile hip-printer.

  • Add and process visitors and vendors
  • Print passes on the go
  • Scan existing printed and digital passes
  • Integrate with License Plate Recognition
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Remote Visitor Management Kiosk

For communities wanting to enhance their visitor management operation without the costly expense of building and staffing a gatehouse. The Proptia visitor processing kiosks allow you to connect to virtual security monitoring and concierge services while enabling residents to issue digital passes, and providing smooth visitor processing and reporting of all transactions.

  • Resident Directory Calling
  • Issue unique one-time or recurring access codes
  • Prevents universal code sharing
  • Enhances security
  • Digital pass scanner for guest and vendor ePasses
  • Equipped with knox box and postal switch
  • Multiple telephone unit models available depending on budget and desired aesthetics
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Learn How Proptia Can Help with Your Community’s Visitor Management System

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can residents manage their own guest lists?

Yes Residents can use either the desktop portal or mobile app to manage their temporary and permanent vendors and guests.

Can residents’ issue one-time passes for service providers and delivery drivers?

Yes residents can either register a visitor via the mobile or desktop app as well as text their visitor/vendor a one-time digital pass. Those passes can either be processed at a kiosk or a gate attendant can scan a pass.

How can we improve traffic flow during busy times of the day?

If your community is guard gated the software is designed to be fast and accurate. Residents can pre-register guests and those guests can be processed by your gate attendants with just a few clicks. In addition to the software being fast additional visitor access methods such as ePass scanning and license plate reading can all work together to improve efficiency while maintaining a high-level of security. However, every community is different in how they implement their procedures as well as how their gate entrance is designed. Reach out to one of our consultants today to schedule a meeting to discuss your specific community’s security operations.

How do residents or employees manage their guest list?

Resident have multiple options to register a visitor. They can register a guest by logging into a secure portal on a desktop computer or they can download the mobile app from Apple App Store or Google Play. Both options allow residents to register a temporary or permanent visitor or vendors. Each type of visitors can be assigned a specific type of pass e.g. one-day pass, permanent pass etc. System administrators dictate the types of passes available for residents to issue.

Does the cloud-based management system work if the internet goes down?

Yes, all systems are able to work independently of the internet.

Is it possible to let vendors into the community during certain hours and days of the week?

Yes with our vendor management module you can input all vendors, vendor personnel, and vendor vehicles as well as assign them to the properties they serve and input all vendor vehicle make, model, color, license plate number as well as transponders ID.