How do bluetooth mobile credentials work?

Bluetooth mobile credentials work by allowing users to access secure areas using their mobile device instead of a physical key or card. The user’s mobile device is equipped with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chip, which allows it to communicate with the access control system. When the user approaches the secure area, the access control system detects the BLE chip on their mobile device and automatically grants access.


To use a Bluetooth mobile credential, the user must first download and install a special app on their mobile device. This app is linked to the access control system and contains the user’s digital credential, which grants them access to the secure area. When the user approaches the secure area, the app sends a signal to the access control system via the BLE chip on the user’s mobile device. If the user’s credential is valid, the access control system will grant them access.


Bluetooth mobile credentials offer several benefits over traditional physical keys and cards. They are more convenient, as the user can access secure areas simply by using their mobile device. They are also more secure, as they can be remotely revoked or deactivated if the user’s mobile device is lost or stolen. Additionally, Bluetooth mobile credentials can be easily updated and managed, making them a flexible and cost-effective option for access control.

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