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Commercial Access Control, Visitor Management, License Plate Recognition, and Telephone Entry Kiosks

Whether retrofitting an existing system or a new development Proptia provides building managers, developers, and owners an economical, powerful, and flexible solution.

  • Scale across your organizations with one administrative login
  • Powerful tools are given to your installer for top-tier support
  • Easy for non-technical users to navigate their way around the software
  • With custom roles, you control what each role can and cannot do or can and cannot see
  • Interface with staff, security, as well as virtual monitoring and security personnel
  • Multi-tenant with shared commercial access and visitor management

Commercial Access Control

An access control system helps a business minimize risk and create a safe environment by controlling who can enter a building or access specific areas within the premises. When done well, access control should be effortless. Proptia takes this a step further. Proptia offers an all-in-one solutions that are simple to use, feature-rich, and provide seamless integrations and easy expansion.

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Proximity Readers

Mobile smartphone access control ID solution—consisting of a smartphone wallet app, mobile and physical credentials. Based upon the proven LEGIC® contactless digital radio frequency identification (RFID) platform, Proptia readers interface with a wide range of electronic access control systems by complying with either the legacy Wiegand or bi-directional Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP).

  • Automated scheduled activation and deactivation
  • Calendar Actions
  • Elevator Controls
  • Manual Controls
  • Email-based delivery of mobile credentials
  • Readers read BLE mobile credentials as well as traditional physical credential
  • Compatible with Fob and Contactless smartcard
  • Web-based Administration
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Visitor Processing Kiosks

  • Access to remote security and concierge teams
  • Business and Employee Directory Calling
  • Issue unique one-time or recurring access codes
  • Prevents universal code sharing
  • Enhances security
  • Digital pass scanner for guest and vendor ePasses
  • Equipped with Knox Box and postal switch
  • Multiple telephone unit models available catering to different budgets and aesthetics
remote visitor management
kiosk set up

Manned Visitor Processing Station

The Proptia Visitor Processing Kiosk's Design Is Inspired By the Key Benchmarks of Today's Best-In-Class POS Systems Which Focus On The Following:

  • Distance To Screen
  • Time Pressures
  • Physicality
  • Pass and Badge Printing
  • Misconduct
  • Internet Independent
  • Continuous Sync
  • Remote Support and Maintenance
visitor metrics dashboard

The Visitor Management Suite

Software administrators have access to reporting, visitor management, manual controls of doors and gates as well as incident reporting. Live monitors display, in real-time, transactions at your telephone entry units, entry and exit lanes license plate readers, as well as vehicle and amenity doors and gates. Identify ID number, name, address, make, model, color, type, visitor name, as well as vehicle and plate images.

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2n intercoms

Luxurious to Rugged Intercoms

Extremely durable IP intercoms that can withstand even the most demanding conditions. Units provide visitor communication monitoring and access control. Combinding anti-vandal solutions with an elegant design. High durability guarantees the highest coverage on the market according to the IP69K and IK10 standards. Monitor events around the intercom with the integrated HD camera. It has 135° wide viewing and a night vision modeAvailable touch display with an intuitive graphical interface and a convenient directory with the ability to display company logos.

  • Scan digital ePasses for visitors and vendors
  • Proptia eliminates code sharing and
  • Logs Every ePass issued and used
  • Image snapshots for all transactions
  • 10″ display
  • Concierge calling
  • Access control integration
  • Resident directory
  • Web-based administration
elevator controls

Elevator Controls

Control all elevator access to specific floors, visitors, schedules, and access levels.


Custom Reports

Imagine a secure visitor management system that lets you see visitor frequency and volume in just a few clicks. Create custom analytics reports that yield crucial insight and help you make data-driven decisions.


Works Offline

Internet goes down? No problem. The visitor processing kiosk is internet-independent. Gate attendants and front desk personnel can still process visitors.

pass types

Pass Types

Property managers have complete control over what kind of passes staff can issue guests. Want to give one-time access to an interviewee, or recurring access every Wednesday to a vendor? It’s possible and easy with Proptia



Capture vehicle makes, models, colors, types, and license plates in real-time at your entry and exit gates allowing you to run detailed reports on who came and went and is still within the property.

incident reports

Incident Reports

Something comes up during your shift? Flag it on the system so all other property managers know about the issue.



Once a visitor checks in, Proptia will immediately send a text message to the hosts letting them know they’ve arrived.


Manage Vendors

It’s not just visitors who can enjoy quicker check-ins; vendors, suppliers, contractors, and the like will surely love using Proptia, too.

License Plate Recognition

Real-time accurate reporting on every vehicle and enters and exit. Capture Make, Model, Color, Type, and Plate. Run detailed reports on vehicle activity e.g. who came in and hasn't left, identifying unregistered vehicles, and overstay reports just to name a few.

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