Scalable Smart Home Tech Stack

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Your foundation of smart home technology for your building or community

A device-agnostic platform is a key component of being able to keep up in the rapidly changing world of smart home tech in property sites today. Gauging residents on what they really want is part of figuring out what that foundation should look like at your building.

  • Smart locks That Give Remote Access To Units
  • Residents Can Grant Access To Service Providers
  • Smart Thermostats That Cut Down on Energy Costs
  • Smart Outlets and Switches for Voice/App-Controlled Lights
  • Smart Video Access Monitoring and Detection
  • Gain Insights Into Traffic and Facility/Amenity Use
  • Prevent Unsanctioned Sublets
  • Reducing Maintenance Ticket Completion
  • and much more…

One Dashboard To Rule Them All

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Smart Switches

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Smart Thermostats

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BMS Sensors

Open API

Open technology allows our products to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, providing a comprehensive solution that adds value to the infrastructure investments you already have on site.

Ask us about the Proptia Smart.ia module

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