How Gated Community Visitor Tracking Benefits Your Residents

How Gated Community Visitor Tracking Benefits Your Residents scaled

When you manage a gated community, visitor tracking provides several benefits for both residents and security. Cloud-based visitor management software often goes hand-in-hand with a gated community’s access control system. Its primary role is to systematically automate the visitor access guide while at the same time giving you the ability to report and track all visitor entries into and throughout the community. 

You can even take it a step further with license plate recognition and track visitors, vehicles, and vendors entering and exiting the neighborhood. Doing this will allow you to run reports such as on-premise reports, cut-through reports, and time-on-site reports. When it comes to residential security software, these systems come in many forms, from the traditional telephone entry system to the modern manned and unmanned visitor management systems.

If you’re responsible for the day-to-day operations of a gated community, then visitor tracking can offer you a host of benefits to help you keep your community running smoothly.

Ease of use and faster sign-ins

With a security visitor management system residents can use a mobile app to register visitors or text/email their visitors ePasses, which it will send to visitors through SMS or email. Then, once visitors are at the property, they simply go to a visitor ePass processing kiosk, get their ePass scanned, and enter. Not only does this streamline the visitor management process, but it also makes for a better visitor experience.

Accurate visitor tracking

Using visitor ePass scanning kiosks also helps communities with strict gating and entrance procedures. These kiosks help avoid car stacking at community entrances and accurately scan and register the information from a visitor’s ePass into the system. You can allow certain guests total access at any time while restricting others to a set schedule. Even better, the tracking system can notify residents of the time, date, and number of visitors to their property.

Instant notifications

With real-time notifications, property managers stay up-to-date on visitor arrivals and departures and can immediately address any issues that may arise. The system also notifies residents as soon as visitors check in through an SMS message. This way, privileges can be adjusted in real-time to best match residents’ needs.

A comprehensive visitor report

If your residents want to know precisely who has been coming into their property, whether for work or play, you can also generate detailed reports using your visitor system. These reports detail everything from the name, to the time they visited, along with the unique identifier for your resident. With these reports, you get a complete picture of all the visitors that have been to your gated community.

Lower incidence of crime

Did you know that homes in non-gated communities are burglarized 33% more than those in gated communities? When you have more security, you have a better likelihood of deterring criminals. Having quick pass visitor management software will also help residents feel more at ease, knowing that all visitors are accounted for within the community.

Why install a gated community visitor tracking system

Getting visitor management software can double, even triple, the safety of your gated community. Your residents will have peace of mind, knowing that you have a state-of-the-art system. Check out the benefits of getting one for your community and schedule a demo with Proptia to see these benefits for yourself!

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