Buildium Property Management Software Overview


The role of property managers is evolving, with a noticeable shift towards integrating digital tools into their daily operations. 

In this era, where tenant communications, financial management, and maintenance requests are increasingly handled online, property management software becomes a huge advantage. 

Buildium Property Management Software is a comprehensive solution for these modern challenges. It simplifies complex tasks, from tracking leases to processing payments, offering a streamlined approach to managing properties. 

Buildium provides a clear example of how technology can support the multifunctional role of today’s property managers, making their work more manageable and efficient.


Harnessing Technology for Property Management Excellence

Property management software is an essential tool in the digital arsenal of today’s real estate professionals. It serves as the backbone for efficiently managing rental properties, enhancing tenant relationships, and overseeing financial transactions with precision. 

At its core, this software automates and simplifies tasks that were once time-consuming and prone to error, transforming them into streamlined processes. 

The Buildium property software offers a robust suite of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of property managers. Let’s take a closer look at how Buildium facilitates key aspects of property management:

  • Streamlined Operations: Automates daily tasks such as lease tracking, maintenance scheduling, and communication, allowing managers to focus on strategic decisions.
  • Enhanced Tenant Relations: Provides platforms for tenants to easily pay rent online, submit maintenance requests, and communicate with property managers, fostering a positive living environment.
  • Financial Oversight and Reporting: Features comprehensive accounting tools for tracking rent payments, managing expenses, and generating financial reports, ensuring a clear picture of property performance.
  • Scalability: Adapts to the needs of both small and large portfolios, ensuring property managers can grow their business without switching systems.

Buildium not only addresses these foundational needs but also anticipates the challenges of modern property management, offering innovative and user-friendly solutions. 

What Is Buildium Property Management Software?

Buildium is a comprehensive property management software suite equipped with a broad range of features to streamline operations, enhance tenant relations, and ensure robust financial oversight. 

It provides property managers with the tools needed to manage their properties effectively, including things like

  • Detailed accounting capabilities
  • Efficient online rent collection
  • Proactive maintenance management
  • Thorough tenant screenings

Here are some key features that make Buildium a valuable tool for property managers optimizing their workflows and service quality.

Property Accounting

Buildium's Property Accounting

Comprehensive Bookkeeping: Buildium’s accounting software keeps financial records complete and accurate, enabling managers to track every transaction easily. This includes recording payments from residents and association homeowners, providing a true financial snapshot anytime.

Accounts Payable Management: With built-in calculators, managers can see financial obligations to the company, property owners, and vendors at a glance. Transform work orders into bills, pay online, and even automate recurring payments for efficiency.

Automatic Bank Reconciliation: Time-saving automatic bank statement reconciliations ensure every check and deposit is accounted for, supporting adherence to trust accounting rules through a suite of detailed reports.

Online Rent Collection

Buildium's Online Rent Collection

Streamlined Payments: Buildium’s online payment system reduces processing time significantly, allowing residents to set up bank or credit card payments for automatic transfers. This ensures rent and fees are collected efficiently without manual intervention.

Application Fee Processing: From the get-go, Buildium facilitates the collection of application fees during the online application process, ensuring a seamless start to the tenant-manager relationship.

Vendor and Owner Payments: Integrated accounting features allow for the direct payment of bills through Buildium, automatically recording each transaction for a clear financial overview.

Efficient Start to the Year: Easily create and e-File 1099-MISCs and 1099-NECs, tracking all payments within Buildium to ensure accuracy. Digital and paper copies are sent to recipients, simplifying this annual task.

Maintenance Management

Buildium's Maintenance Management

Task Automation: Submitting work orders is made easy for residents, owners, or employees, with the ability to attach relevant documentation. Real-time updates keep all parties informed of the status, directly from any device.

24/7 Maintenance Contact Center: Ensure no maintenance call goes unanswered with Buildium’s specialized call center, which logs requests in Buildium and dispatches emergency contacts as needed.

Vendor Payments: The integration with Buildium’s accounting system allows for efficient tracking and payment of vendor bills, eliminating duplicate data entry.

The Resident Center

Buildium's Resident Center

A Digital Community Hub: This customizable portal offers residents a platform to manage payments, view payment history, set up automatic payments, track maintenance requests, and more, fostering a strong community spirit.

Reflect Your Brand with Customization: Elevate your property management’s professional image by tailoring the Resident Center to perfectly match your brand. With a simple upload of your logo, Buildium auto-selects complementary colors, crafting a visually cohesive platform. 

Rental Listings with Tenant Screening

Rental Listings and Tenant Screening with Buildium

Maximized Exposure: Effortlessly advertise vacancies on major platforms and manage inquiries with designated leasing agents. Detailed listings with photos or videos ensure properties stand out to potential renters.

Comprehensive Background Checks: Access to full credit, criminal, and eviction data streamlines the tenant screening process, providing recommendations based on custom credit score requirements for each property.

Enhancing Property Management with Buildium’s Additional Services

Buildium doesn’t just streamline property management tasks; it also opens doors to many additional services designed to enhance efficiency, connectivity, and growth. 

Property managers can access a comprehensive suite of tools that extend beyond the basics through the Buildium Proptech Marketplace Apps and specialized services like the Maintenance Contact Center and All Property Management platform. Here’s how these services can enrich your property management experience.

Buildium Proptech Marketplace Apps

Buildium's Marketplace

The Buildium Proptech Marketplace is a dynamic ecosystem of apps catering to various aspects of property management, including collections fulfillment, productivity, resident services, marketing, and property management services. 

This integrated marketplace allows you to effortlessly search for and connect with apps, seamlessly incorporating them into your Buildium suite. 

Whether you’re looking to enhance your marketing efforts or streamline your collections process, the marketplace offers a tailored solution that integrates directly with your Buildium account, ensuring a cohesive management experience.

Maintenance Contact Center

Buildium's Maintenance Contact Center

The Maintenance Contact Center is a reliable call center service designed to satisfy resident needs while mitigating property risk. Trusted by hundreds of property management companies, this service handles service requests around the clock, providing prompt responses to residents and full visibility into maintenance activities. 

Connected directly to your Buildium account, it allows you to manage incoming maintenance calls efficiently without increasing staff or leaving residents waiting. 

Starting at $140 per month, this service ensures that your maintenance tasks are handled professionally, maintaining high levels of resident satisfaction.

All Property Management

All Property Management

All Property Management, a Buildium Company, offers a platform that significantly impacts portfolio growth. It connects rental property owners with property managers through a comprehensive database, allowing for targeted searches based on property type, lead volume, and zip code. 

For Buildium customers, leads are funneled directly into their accounts, enabling quick engagement with potential clients. 

Upon signing up, you gain access to a dedicated team that guides you through the setup process and provides strategies for success, ensuring that your property management services reach those in need.

Buildium Pros and Cons

The Buildium platform offers a glimpse into a dynamic, feature-rich environment tailored for property management professionals. Like any advanced platform, it brings with it a mix of advantages and areas for improvement. Here’s a balanced view of what to expect:


  • Frequent Updates: Buildium regularly rolls out updates, introducing new features and enhancements that keep the platform at the forefront of property management technology.
  • Streamlined Workflows: The platform is designed for efficiency, simplifying complex processes into streamlined workflows that save time and reduce manual effort.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With its intuitive design, Buildium ensures ease of use for all users, regardless of their tech savviness.
  • Scalability: Capable of managing portfolios from a handful to up to 5000 units, Buildium grows with your business.
  • Comprehensive Core Package: The core offering includes robust features that cover the essential needs of property management.
  • Advanced Automation: Sophisticated automation features significantly reduce the need for manual intervention, making daily tasks more manageable.


  • Additional Fees for Add-Ons: Some useful features and add-ons come with extra charges, which can add up.
  • Limited Integration: Integration with other established software, such as CRM systems, is not as seamless as it could be, posing challenges for users relying on multiple platforms.
  • Customer Service: The level of customer support can be average, with no live support available under the basic plan, which might hinder immediate problem-solving for some users.

Buildium Pricing Model (2024)

Buildium's pricing model

Buildium’s pricing structure is designed to accommodate the varying needs of property management businesses, large and small, with a suite of essential features included across all plans. 

Each subscription comes with a free marketing website to showcase your properties, alongside standard reports for comprehensive financial tracking, including balance sheets, cash flow, and budget comparisons.

Every Buildium plan offers a solid foundation for managing your properties with features like accounting, maintenance scheduling, task management, handling violations, online portals for tenant and board member interactions, and direct communications tools.

Plans Overview

  • Essential Plan: Starting at $50 per month, this plan covers the basics, such as tenant screening and online payments, with ticketed support. Note that eSignatures are an additional $5 each, and bank account setup fees apply.
  • Growth Plan: At $174 per month, it steps up with unlimited eSignatures, enhanced tenant screening, and five free bank accounts. Live support is included, though priority support is extra. Onboarding is not covered.
  • Premium Plan: For $375 per month, it adds $500 worth of leads, priority support, and 15 bank accounts, with onboarding as an optional extra.

Final Thoughts

Our review of Buildium Property Management Software highlights its prowess in offering an all-encompassing suite for today’s digital-first property manager. 

From seamless accounting to intuitive tenant interactions, Buildium enhances operational efficiency and scalability. 

Yet, it doesn’t cover every base—specifically, the realms of security, visitor management, and access control remain outside its scope. 

Proptia specializes in these critical areas, particularly for gated communities and apartment complexes

The combination of Buildium’s comprehensive administrative tools with Proptia’s security expertise creates a holistic property management ecosystem. 

This partnership ensures that while Buildium streamlines the operational aspects, Proptia fortifies the security and access control, offering a complete solution for modern property management needs.