Experience Best-in-Class License Plate Recognition With Proptia

When AI Meets License Plate Recognition: The Key to a Safer Gated Communities

Security is at the heart of property management. But given how many cars enter and exit a residential community, how can you keep track of each and every one of them? With Proptia’s AI-powered license plate recognition system, you can wave goodbye to manually logging car plates. A high-speed camera and sophisticated software capture license plates in real-time with 98% accuracy.

The result? A simpler and smarter way to monitor vehicle entry.

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With automated license plate recognition, you can:

  • Improve community security
  • Save time and money
  • Automatically store all license plate data to the cloud
  • Make vehicle entry faster and more convenient
  • White list resident vehicles

How Does Automatic License Plate Recognition Work?

While an automatic license plate recognition system might sound too good to be true, rest assured that it’s backed by cutting-edge technology. That’s why Proptia’s solution is the preferred choice of top residential developers and many exclusive communities. With its integrated system, our suite makes capturing car plates as easy as 1, 2, 3:

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Image Capture

Using IP cameras located at entrance gates, Proptia is able to capture license plate information on the fly. Unlike other camera setups, however, we employ a high-speed unit that can accurately capture videos or still photos even if a car is in motion.

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Smart AI System

Of course, capturing license information is just the first part of the equation. Once a video or photo has been taken, Proptia’s advanced license plate recognition software takes over and accurately interprets the alphanumeric data. So accurate is our AI system that it registers accurate license plate details 98% of the time.

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Centralized Databasing

Tear up those log books—you won’t need them anymore with Proptia’s automatic license plate recognition feature. After the AI does its magic, the details will then be stored in a cloud-based database that you own and that will not be sold or shared with third-parties. With this system, vehicle information is available anytime, anywhere to all entrance gate security personnel.

Why Make the Switch to Automated License Plate Recognition?

There’s never been a better time to upgrade your community’s vehicle registration and monitoring system. By using Proptia, you can enjoy these crucial advantages:


Greater Peace of Mind

Residents rely on you to keep their community safe and peaceful. When you have an automatic car plate recognition system, it’s like having a sentinel guarding your gates 24/7. It’s one of the most effective crime deterrents you can invest in.

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Smooth, Seamless Experience

Proptia allows you to easily whitelist the license plates of residents and service providers. This results in a much smoother check-in experience and minimizes wait time.

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Fewer mistakes

It’s not just about recording a car’s license plate number—it’s about recording it accurately. Thanks to our advanced AI system, you can drastically minimize mistakes and create a more trustworthy database. No more second-guessing and cross-checking—AI makes your staff’s job easier.

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