Advancing Security Measures In Modern Apartment Buildings

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As a property owner, ensuring the security of your business and tenants is likely one of your top priorities. Modern apartment building owners must take the necessary precautions to protect their assets from any potential threats.

Unfortunately, traditional security systems such as locked doors and surveillance cameras are often insufficient for preventing unauthorized access or theft. Recent advances in security technology, however, can significantly improve your apartment building’s safety – and make life easier for those who live there, too.

In this article, we’ll look at some of these innovative solutions and how they can help property owners boost their apartment building’s security. These include:

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Outdated security measures

Firstly, let’s take a look at the traditional security measures that many property owners still rely on. Door locks and deadbolts are a common way to offer protection against intruders.

However, there are several drawbacks to this system. These locks can wear out over time or be bypassed entirely with just an old-fashioned credit card or hacksaw blade. Moreover, these types of physical barriers don’t protect against external threats such as hacking attempts. 

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Time-tested surveillance systems provide apartment building owners with eyes where they don’t have them in reality. However, for most entry points (like doors and windows), you only get one perspective.

Even if there is more than one camera watching entry points, these cameras may have limited visibility from its angle.

Having an attendant or security guard at a front desk or other entrance is also quite commonplace, as it allows for someone to be on duty in case of emergencies or unauthorized entry.

However, this option often leaves the property vulnerable when not monitored by personnel, and property owners always need to account for human error.

Common security practices

In addition to these traditional security methods, property owners should also consider modern advancements in technology that can enhance the security of their buildings.

These advancements require a small investment but ultimately will save you and your tenants time, money, and potential security risks that can occur from outdated methods.

Smart locks

 Smart locks are one of the most popular advances in security technology for apartment buildings today. These electronic versions connect to apps through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on a smartphone or other device. By replacing traditional door locks with newer options, property owners can manage access from anywhere at any time.

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Smartphone Access Control

Guests can also receive digital keys, which they can use for entering certain areas while providing managers complete control over who enters and leaves their premises without having to physically hand out physical keys every time someone moves out! 

Many smart lock models come with features such as automatic locking after several minutes of being opened (or when you’re away from home), tamper alarms if someone attempts forced entry into the building, entry logs for each user, and more. 

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a crucial security measure for any property owner to consider, but is rarely used to its fullest potential. Many systems are now available that can be accessed remotely via an app or web browser and allow you to monitor activity from afar.

Common security solutions give you access to movable cameras with live feeds, alerts if motion is detected or a visitor arrives unannounced, high-resolution recordings of activities taking place inside the premises, and more.

Modern video surveillance systems also come equipped with facial recognition capabilities, which can identify intruders quickly without having to manually scan through reams of footage – saving time should your property ever become breached.

In addition, facial recognition tech offers opportunities for improving tenant access too, such as allowing keyless entry into complex areas while verifying all visitors entering digitally rather than relying on fail-proof door locks being used correctly.

With video footage readily available through a mobile device, property owners can stay aware of their property’s safety no matter where they are located.

Virtual security guards 

Having a professionally-trained security staff on hand can be just as valuable to ensuring safety at an apartment building as technology.

Not only can a security guard patrol the premises and be able to respond to threats quickly upon recognition, but these professionals are also a deterrent for criminals thinking of engaging in targeted criminal activity at your property.

But modern apartment buildings take security to the next level: virtual security guards.

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Virtual Security Solutions

A virtual security guard is a live-streaming camera that acts as a 24/7 monitor of your property, providing an extra layer of protection from potential threats, without having to hire constant personnel staff.

By leveraging the latest deep learning algorithm technology and state-of-the-art facial recognition, virtual security guards are able to detect intruders before they enter your premises and take other necessary actions.

Virtual security guards differ from security cameras in that they are linked to the entirety of your security system and can alert the appropriate authorities in the event of an intruder or other emergency without the need for manual intervention.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems are another way to add a layer of security to any property. These systems device readers that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and technologies with varying levels of access depending on the user’s credentials.

With detailed activity logs tracking users’ entries and exits from specified areas (such as garages or elevators), property owners can quickly see who has been roaming around their building assessing possible threats in seconds. 

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A growing number of modern access control tools also incorporate biometric indicators such as thumbprint scanners, retinal scanners, and voice recognition. These create an extra layer of identification for tenants while ensuring unauthorized personnel are not granted access.

RFID systems eliminate the need for physical keys and provide a more secure and convenient way for residents to access the building. These systems typically utilize an adhesive transponder that sticks to the vehicle windshield or headlamp allowing authorized individuals to gate in through gates with ease while keeping out unauthorized individuals. Many times transponders can be non-transferable, meaning if a resident attempts to take it off and share it with another vehicle, the transponder deativates.

rfid transponder
RFID transponder

Security fences and gates

Your modern apartment building should be internally and externally secure. Adopting a security gate is one of the most effective solutions for perimeter defense and fit-for-purpose barriers.

Automated gates are now available with varying levels of control to regulate entry into your property while providing an additional layer of safety due to their height and visibility.

While you may not first think of a fence as a fitting security feature for an apartment building, installing security fences can improve the privacy of your property and deter theft.

Your apartment building’s parking lot, while convenient, can be a liability if unsecured. Installing a fence around the lot can help keep intruders out and show potential burglars that your property is unapproachable.

Additionally, the installation of lights and other integrated sensors, integrated into your fence can increase your real-time awareness and boost security further.

Secure your modern apartment building with Proptia

Proptia is a modern security platform that helps apartment building owners secure their properties against any threats, making life easier and safer for tenants.

Through proprietary hardware, software, and analytics, Proptia’s advanced solutions provide a comprehensive range of popular security solutions, such as smart locks on doors and windows, access control systems for garages or elevators, and video surveillance with facial recognition capability. 

Additionally, Proptia will connect you with the professionals you need to install and maintain your new security measures and enable you to pursue proactive actions against potential threats. 

Don’t let outdated security systems put your property and tenants at risk – take the necessary steps to secure your modern apartment building. Contact Proptia for a demo today, and start protecting your building with the best in security technology.

Final thoughts

Today, as a property owner, you face an increasingly complicated security landscape. Advanced security technology can be a great asset to modern apartment buildings seeking to reduce their risk and give customers peace of mind.

Innovative solutions can give temporary or permanent residents greater safety while also efficiently controlling who has access to what parts of your building.

These technologies make it much easier for property owners to manage their premises from afar, helping them keep ahead of potential threats more quickly than ever before. By investing in a modern security platform, you can save time and money while keeping your tenants and their property safe.


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