Security Cameras 101: Protecting Gated Communities With Video Surveillance

security cameras for gated community

Did you know that gated communities are robbed 33% less than their non-gated counterparts? It’s undeniable that these communities offer safety and privacy for their residents, but they are not immune to crime.

To keep these private locations safe from malicious behavior, security cameras are being incorporated into gated communities as an additional layer of protection. They provide an unobtrusive, subtle way to hold criminals accountable for their actions, providing peace of mind to those living in the community.

To better equip yourself with an understanding of how these modern surveillance systems work, here we dive into the basics of security cameras and their advantages in protecting a safe gated residential neighborhood. We’ll be covering:

Read on to learn how you can install, utilize, and maintain security cameras to keep your gated community safe.

Why security cameras?

Criminals that are looking to rob or cause damage to a property choose their target based on opportunity. If a house doesn’t appear to have proper security measures in place, criminals will opt to rob this home instead of another, well-fortified one.

While many gated communities already possess imposing security measures to drive away would-be burglars, a gate around the perimeter may not always be enough. That’s why many gated communities now utilize security gate camera systems as an additional layer of protection. 

With video surveillance, access to the community can be monitored 24/7 from any location with internet access. This means that any suspicious activity or potential threats will be caught on camera before it becomes a problem.

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For instance, if someone tries to enter the gate without authorization, surveillance cameras can detect this quickly and alert officers at an off-site monitoring station, who can then take appropriate action in response to these events.

As previously mentioned, video surveillance is also effective at deterring crime outside of gated communities, too. Unauthorized visitors such as burglars or loiterers will likely think twice when they see security cameras positioned around gated communities, giving everyone living there even more safety and comfort in their own homes.

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Finally, we can’t forget the importance of security cameras for providing crime evidence if a situation arises. High-quality video footage can offer clues and details to help solve cases more quickly and accurately than other traditional methods. Plus, the data captured by these camera systems can be invaluable in prosecuting suspicious activity in court.

Choosing the right security camera

Now that you understand the importance of having security cameras installed in gated communities, it’s time to consider what type of camera system works best for your particular needs. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a surveillance system:


You must first determine which areas need additional security with regard to entrances/exits and other vulnerable spots within the community. Consider the range of each camera and whether they’ll need to be placed both indoors and outdoors. Think about where your gated community’s points of entry or potentially vulnerable points are – this is where you’ll likely need a camera.

Note: Quantity

While you don’t want to purchase more cameras than are necessary, keep in mind that the more cameras you install, the higher your chances of preventing any unlawful or suspicious activities from occurring.

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Power source

Do you plan on running your cameras for extended amounts of time? If so, you will need a dependable power source that can provide continuous energy to your surveillance system. It’s also important to consider external device protection (like housing units) if you are placing cameras in areas exposed to extreme weather conditions. 

Note: Battery

When selecting a camera system for your gated community, make sure you also look into features like storage capacity and backup solutions (such as battery backups) so that all recorded footage is securely stored even if power is cut or outages occur. 

Video quality

You will also want to ensure that your cameras offer clear views of your area of surveillance both during the day and night (make sure there is night vision recording available). The better resolution offered by HD or ultra-HD cameras will preserve the integrity of video evidence if needed.

Note: Additional video options

HD picture quality isn’t the only trait to look for when it comes to video. Depending on your specific needs, you may also want cameras equipped with night vision, motion sensors, and/or Infrared LED lighting for capturing clear images in dark areas throughout the gated community.

Once you’ve narrowed down these factors, be sure to test out any new camera systems before installing them in order to get an idea of their accuracy and image quality.

Installing your cameras

When it comes to installation, there are two main options: wireless or wired systems. Wireless systems offer convenience since they don’t require costly installation fees or long runs of wiring. Plus, they can use batteries for power backups in case of outages and ensure uninterrupted surveillance even when the power is off.

On the other hand, wired security camera systems are often more reliable because all networking equipment can be placed inside a special climate-controlled room which minimizes threats like sunlight glare and dampness due to rain showers. 

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In either case, professional monitoring of the cameras by an electronic security technician is recommended during installation and while in operation. This minimizes any malfunctions on-site due to incorrect setup issues, especially when large amounts of integrated system hardware (i.e., Access Control systems) are involved. Proptia has a comprehensive network of authorized system integration companies that can assist you in your camera needs. Reach out today to be introduced to one in your area Contact Us

You may also decide to have an additional professional oversee the installation of a specialized video management system software for your security cameras. You’ll be able to monitor live footage from multiple locations remotely, playback recordings as needed, and store data on-site in case of emergency retrieval.

Lastly, having your camera system monitored by a service provider is important if you want real-time alerts via email or text whenever something abnormal is detected by one of the monitored cameras.

Maintaining your cameras 

Once you’ve installed the cameras and their components, they will require regular maintenance – just like any other piece of technology.

One way to ensure further protection is to use tamper-proof enclosures/security housings around each camera unit. These are designed specifically for outdoor settings and make it difficult for intruders or vandals to access internal wiring or remove the cameras themselves without triggering an alarm.

Another step is making sure that all cameras are properly sealed and weatherproofed so they’re not damaged or obstructed by dust, dirt, and moisture from the environment.

It is also critical to regularly check that each camera is functioning correctly. This includes monitoring power levels, checking for interference issues with signal/recording interfaces, and ensuring proper connections with other security measures your camera system may be integrated with (i.e., Gate Access Codes).

If your gated community boasts other security measures such as hired/virtual guards, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), or gates/barrier arms, you may need to hire additional external help to check if your security integrations are all working in tandem.

Finally, making sure your gated community security camera system is compliant with local laws should be a priority. Different areas may have separate regulations regarding footage storage, retention periods, and other legal protocols – all of which you need to consider when adding cameras to your security system. Privacy and one-party consent laws are federally mandated and must be adhered to, as well.

How Proptia can help

Video surveillance can provide an extra layer of security for your gated community, but it’s absolutely crucial to make sure your cameras are properly installed and maintained in order to ensure they provide the protection you need. Alongside providing you with outstanding security solutions, Proptia offers in-depth installation, maintenance, and monitoring guidance that can help you keep your gated community safe.

If you’re looking to implement other security measures in addition to security cameras, Proptia also offers a variety of technologies to keep your property safe:

  • Building and Gate Intercoms
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Access control with RFID and Smartphone
  • Virtual/Remote Guarding
  • Gatehouse Visitor Management

Contact us today to schedule a demo, and let’s discuss how we can keep your gated community safe, secure, and connected.


Security cameras are an essential part of any gated community’s safety plan, both to provide surveillance around common areas and on private properties, as well as offer quick access to video evidence should any legal proceedings become necessary.

With cutting-edge technology constantly advancing our ability to capture more detailed footage than ever before – it’s clear that investing in an excellent security camera system is one of the best ways to keep your gated community safe.


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