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In today’s fast-paced world, security and convenience are top priorities for commercial and residential property owners alike.

With an ever-increasing need for efficient and reliable protection, security solutions such as intercom and telephone entry, access control, and security gates have become essential for ensuring the safety and privacy of individuals and properties.

When it comes to these types of security systems, one company thats been around for quite a while is Doorking Systems.

From simple residential properties to large commercial complexes, Doorking offers a wide range of products and services that cater to various security needs.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the different offerings of Doorking Systems and review their overall performance to help property owners make informed decisions about their security needs.

We will cover:

What is Doorking Systems?

Doorking Systems has been in the security business for over 70 years. It was founded in 1948 and has since been providing top-notch security solutions to customers across North America and worldwide. The company is headquartered in Inglewood, California, and operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Since its establishment, DKS has prioritized delivering reliable and innovative products that cater to both residential and commercial properties.

Intending to provide “solutions – not just products,” they offer telephone entry systems, access control systems, gate operators, parking control equipment, and more.

Focusing on quality assurance and customer support, Doorking has become a go-to choice for many seeking efficient and secure security systems. But does Doorking Systems live up to the hype? Let’s dive into their products and features.

What products do Doorking Systems offer?

One of Doorking Systems’ key strengths is its broad range of security products that cater to different property sizes and types.

Their telephone entry systems, in particular, are a popular choice for residential, multi-tenant, and commercial properties. These systems allow for secure communication between visitors at the gate or door and residents inside the property.

In addition to telephone entry systems, Doorking also offers:

  • Access control systems
  • Traffic control
  • Gate operators
  • Video entry

Below, we’ll take a closer look at each category, examining some of the key features and pricing plans that are included.

Telephone entry (intercom)

With customizable options such as video cameras, card readers, keypads, and more, these intercom systems provide a convenient yet secure way for individuals to enter a property.

Doorking offers several primary product lines:

Source: Doorking

1802 series

The DKS 1802 targets residential and commercial buildings with limited space and can hold up to 600 numbers. Other models in this series include the 1802-EPD, which includes a single-line directory, 1802 Access Plus, which is PC-programmable.

Doorking also offers the 1803 Entry System, which is similar but has a larger footprint. 

Source: Doorking

1808 series

For buildings that require a small directory, the 1808 Entry System provides a modular intercom. Up to six additional access points can be controlled from a single system, and with the 1808 Access Plus, a 12-name card can be printed and installed for visitors to read.

Source: Doorking

1810 series

For a more comprehensive directory, the 1810 Entry System includes an LED-lighted board, better suited for large condominiums, self-storage, or office buildings.

Source: Doorking

1812 series

The 1812 Classic is what many homeowners or small business owners will be familiar with. It is a simple keypad and intercom system that allows direct communication to visitors outside the gate or access point. 

The 1812 Plus is similar, with better components to make voice communication easier. 

Source: Doorking

1816 Intercom System

The 1816 Intercom System is a massive unit that connects 1200 resident phone lines, allowing access control through a touch-tone phone plugged into a normal wall jack. 

It removes the need for an intercom in each unit, allowing residents to use a more comfortable phone to speak with visitors. 

Source: Doorking

1819 Information Phone

No keypad, no directory. The 1819 Information Phone has a single button that calls a single phone number to request information or access. 

Source: Doorking

183X-80 series

Designed with larger residential/commercial properties in mind, this series offers things like Tracker expansion boards, card reader capability, and more customization options.

The 1833, 1834, 1835, and 1837 all come with various features but fill the same general use cases.

Access control systems

Doorking’s access control systems include RFID readers that use key fobs or cards to grant access instead of traditional keys. This eliminates the hassle of changing locks if a key is lost or stolen.

Source: Doorking

1500 series Digital Keypads & Card Readers

One of the simplest products in the catalog, Doorking’s keypads and card readers can be added anywhere extra security is required. The 1500 is the most basic, but other models in the line include:

  • 1504: Intercom substation, allowing voice communication.
  • 1513: Flush mount into a wall or access point
  • 1515: Smartphone access (Android only)
  • 1520: Proximity card reader
  • 1524: Outdoor enclosure or mullion mount

These versatile keypads and card readers are the backbone of access control.

Source: Doorking

ProxPlus Secure card readers

These can be easily mounted on walls or gates to grant access using key fobs or cards. They use 26-bit Wiegand format, making them compatible with many other products and access control systems. 

Source: Doorking

Electric Locks

Door strike plates and deadbolts are designed for use with access control systems and provide an additional layer of security to entrances.

Traffic control

In an attempt to limit tailgating and slow down access, Doorking has released a number of traffic control products.

Source: Doorking

1610 Traffic Spikes

Designed to prevent vehicles from entering or exiting a property. Comes in surface mount or flush mount options.

Source: Doorking

1601/1602 Parking Gate

These automatic gate arms boast a 2.5-second rotation opening time, providing control over who enters and exits properties’ parking garages.

The 1602 model can be used for industrial sites, as it comes with a wide-lane arm (up to a maximum of 27 feet) and is built of more heavy-duty materials. It lifts in 5.5 seconds but includes a battery that can keep it operational even if the power is down. 

Gate operators

Doorking provides gate operators designed with advanced technology ensuring smooth functionality while keeping unauthorized persons out of designated areas.

Source: Doorking

1175 Overhead

Great for parking garages or other underground service areas, the 1175 raises an overhead gate on a jamb track wherever there is minimal clearance. Note it is not meant for residential garage doors. 

Source: Doorking

6000 series

The low profile of the 6000 series swing gate operators makes them a popular choice for residential areas or small businesses. Depending on the space, the 6004, 6006, 6050, or 6100 models can be discreet and effective. 

Source: Doorking

6300 series 

For commercial applications or gated communities, the 6300 series offers a more robust option. Durable and reliable, it can operate gates in 12-14 seconds.

There is also the 6400, which is an in-ground swing gate operator, making it almost invisible. 

Source: Doorking

6500 series 

Quiet but powerful, the 6500 series is meant for vehicle gates and gives maintenance teams access without having to remove the gate arm. There are various models meant for commercial, residential, or industrial applications. 

Source: Doorking

9000 series

Perfect for narrower gate openings and offers excellent security features such as anti-tailgating sensors. These are the most advanced gate operators available from Doorking.

While the 9024 may be enough for residential needs, DKS scales security all the way up to the 9500, which is “immune to slippage” and can work on uneven terrain. The 9500 is not meant for the general public, and should only be installed for gates serving heavy vehicles or industry. 

Video entry

Source: Doorking

2108 eVolve Video Entry System

The 2108 and 2112 eVolve systems add video capabilities to the intercom mix, allowing residents to see who is calling. Note that this is not two-way video calls, as the unit does not include a screen. Residents can view the live footage on the eVolve app. 

How much does Doorking Systems cost?

Doorking Systems’ price range varies depending on the products and features chosen. As these systems are customizable, the total cost will depend on the property’s size and specific needs. Generally speaking, their prices fall within the mid to low range in comparison to other security companies.

For example, their basic telephone entry system can start at around $800 for residential properties, while the 1808 Access Plus can range from $1000 and above. Similarly, gate operators can vary from $1,500 to over $10,000 depending on model and size.

It’s worth emphasizing that Doorking Systems uses high-quality materials in their products. Consequently, customers can have confidence in the durability of their security solutions, ensuring peace of mind for years to come. However, Doorking products typically lack contemporary aesthetics and some modern security and convenience features and functionality available in other security solutions providers on the market.

Pros of Doorking Systems

  • Long-standing reputation: With over 70 years in business and a focus on customer satisfaction, Doorking has established itself as a trusted brand.
  • Lower price point: Doorking products tend to be on the lower side of the cost however customers are giving up the latest and greatest in technology and innovation relative to more modern options on the market
  • Customizable options: Their products can be tailored to different property types and sizes.
  • Wide range of products: From telephone entry systems to gate operators, Doorking offers a comprehensive range of security solutions that cater to different properties.
  • Quality materials: By using top-notch materials, Doorking ensures the longevity and durability of its products.

Cons of Doorking Systems

  • Lacks Innovations: Doorking products fall short in terms of innovation and fail to incorporate the cutting-edge technology that modern customers expect for seamless visitor processing and heightened security.
  • Lack of Integrations: Doorking systems often lack compatibility with various software solutions, as well as key security features like license plate recognition and vehicle identification. In today’s security landscape, telephone entry constitutes just a single facet of a comprehensive residential and commercial security protocol. Regrettably, Doorking’s limited integration capabilities mean that many desired supplementary solutions remain disconnected, leading to disjointed systems for customers. This is where Proptia shines. To learn more visit
  • Limited availability outside North America: Currently, most of Doorking’s major clients are located in North America. Those outside this region may face difficulties in finding local installation services or support.
  • Limited warranty: Doorking offers unlimited warranty for their products, which may not be sufficient for some customers.
  • Installation required: As with most security systems, professional installation is necessary for Doorking products which may incur additional costs.

Doorking Systems vs. Proptia

Along with Doorking, a few other security companies are in the market. Proptia acts as a viable competitor as an established brand known for its robust security software architecture. How does Doorking compare to Proptia?

Both companies offer high-quality products that prioritize customer satisfaction. While they have similar product offerings, such as telephone entry systems and access control, Proptia’s range of services extends much further than Doorking’s.

Proptia Main Demo 2.0 (1)

Proptia offers additional features sand robust enterprise software and cloud-based management suites, license plate recognition, mobile credentials, manned visitor management stations (gatehouse and frontdesk), as well as consultation services to connect you with the security solutions that fit your property’s unique needs.

Additionally, the company offers a fully integrated, all-in-one security suite of products. Whereas Doorking focuses on manufacturing individual hardware products that typically do not integrate with solutions beyond telephone entry and basic access control.

Proptia also offers flexible payment options, making it more accessible for customers looking for budget-friendly solutions.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Doorking Systems is a trusted brand in the security industry with over 70 years of experience. Their dedication to innovation, quality materials, and customer satisfaction has solidified their position as a leader in access control and gate operator solutions.

While their prices may be more affordable than certain competitors, customers should be prepared to forgo a obile app option and some of the contemporary conveniences and security-related features and functionalities that are available in other options.

Those in search of a robust security solution for complex campus, commercial, or residential properties might consider exploring alternatives like Proptia. In today’s environment, the need for integrated features such as manned visitor management, license plate and vehicle identification, telephone entry units, and visitor and access control is crucial. Proptia offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions for those who desire top-notch security, particularly if they manage multiple entry points like doors and gates..


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