LiftMaster Intercom Access Control Review, Cost & Alternatives


Constant technological advancements are transforming the way we live and work. Residential and commercial properties have become increasingly reliant on cutting-edge systems for security and convenience, making it crucial to stay abreast of the latest innovations.

For property owners specifically, ensuring the safety and accessibility of their space is of utmost importance – for the sake of visitors and/or tenants. Of the many names in the industry, LiftMaster may come up as you research garage door and security gate openers.

This manufacturer is known for its industrial operators, access control systems, and many other security accessories/resources that help to secure areas with a wide range of sizes. Their products, with a focus on reliability and safety, have gained them a strong reputation in both the residential and commercial markets.

But can LiftMaster TES meet the expectations of property owners?

In this article, we will take a deeper look into LiftMaster TES and its offerings, such as:

So whether you are a homeowner looking for a reliable garage door opener or a business owner in need of top-notch security solutions, read on to find out if LiftMaster TES can elevate your property’s safety and convenience.

What is Liftmaster TES?

Founded in 1967, LiftMaster TES has become a common name in the industry, with over 50 years of experience under The Chamberlain Group, LLC. Their focus lies in providing reliable products that add safety and convenience to any property.

LiftMaster is recognized globally for its development of garage door openers, remote controls, access control systems, perimeter sensors, vehicle detection systems, and communication devices for intercoms/keypads/keyless entry, all connected via MyQ Technology.


LiftMaster TES’s MyQ technology, in particular, is worth noting as it allows property owners to manage and monitor their properties from anywhere on the web.

With the MyQ app, users can open and close doors remotely, receive real-time alerts on door activity, and set schedules for the automatic opening and closing of doors, gates, barriers, and access points, among other features.

Another notable innovation from LiftMaster TES is its ultra-quiet garage door opener models. LiftMaster has incorporated advanced noise-reducing technology in its products to provide a quieter experience for property owners.

What products does Liftmaster TES offer?

As mentioned earlier, LiftMaster TES has a broad range of products designed for both residential and commercial properties. Let’s take a closer look at some of their offerings.

Garage door openers

LiftMaster TES offers a variety of garage door openers suitable for single or double garage doors. These openers come with advanced safety features such as infrared sensors to detect objects in the way and secure rolling code technology for added security.


Source: LiftMaster

Wall mount openers

LiftMaster offers four options for wall-mounted garage door openers. 

  • 8500CMC Elite Series: This base model is extremely quiet but does not include smartphone control. Note that this model was included in a product recall, though LiftMaster claims to have fixed the issue. 
  • 8500WMC: This WiFi-connected model works with the myQ app, allows smartphone control, and includes a battery backup. It also works with Amazon Key, allowing for in-garage delivery. 
  • 8500WCAM: Everything from the 8500WMC plus a smart garage camera and remote LED light. It blends security and convenience in one package. 
  • 98022 Elite Series: Similar to the 8500CMC, but includes a WiFi connection, a battery backup, and an easier installation. 

These wall mount openers are available at dealers across the country, and LiftMaster provides resources on installation and maintenance. 


Source: LiftMaster

Belt drive openers

Four additional options are available in the belt drive category.

  • 84504R: The base model connects with the myQ app, includes an integrated LED light system and battery backup. 
  • 84505R: This newer model adds the myQ Diagnostics option, sending error codes and alerts if something goes wrong. 
  • 87504-267: The Secure View model has two-way audio communication and live video, plus a 360° ring light. Amazon Key and myQ Diagnostics are included. 
  • 81550: The 81550 can be controlled through WiFi or Bluetooth, connecting even easier through your smartphone. 

All belt drive openers include warranties, though it is important to note that the belt is only guaranteed for ten years, and the motor four on the 81550. The other three models have lifetime belt and motor warranties. 


Source: LiftMaster

Chain drive openers

Chains are the more traditional garage door mechanisms and are best for frequently lifted doors. LiftMaster has six products in this category.

  • 81600: These basic chain drive garage door openers have WiFi and Bluetooth to connect with the myQ app. 
  • 81602: This model is almost identical to the 81600 but includes a battery backup to still work if the power goes out. 
  • 81650: The 81650 does not have Bluetooth and is powered by AC. 
  • 83650-267: Similarly, this model is powered by AC but does have BlueTooth and improved WiFi connectivity.
  • 84602: A smart opener that will sense you coming; it includes an LED lighting system and battery backup. 
  • 87802: The heavy-duty version of the smart opener, this model has a 360° ring light and can lift extremely heavy doors. 

Remember to check for warranty information. The 84602, for instance, only comes with a one-year warranty on the chain.

Gate operators

Property owners can choose from slide gate operators, barrier gate operators, or swing gate operators, depending on their needs. These operators have various safety features and can be controlled remotely through the MyQ app.


Source: LiftMaster

Swing gate operators

These are for security gates that swing open or closed on a hinge, similar to how a door operates. LiftMaster has seven different models available:

  • CSW200UL: Meant for high-traffic commercial applications, this swing gate operator comes in ½ HP (gates up to 18 ft/1,600 lbs) and 1 HP (gates up to 22 ft / 2,000 lbs) variations. 
  • CSW24UL: This 24VDC operator includes a battery backup and is great for heavy-duty applications.
  • RSW12UL: The smaller option, this 12VDC operator is a better solution for residential gates. 
  • HDSW24UL: This heavy-duty swing gate operator includes variable speeds that can cycle between 13-36 seconds. 
  • LA400UL: A relatively small residential option for swing gates, this model is rated for gates up to 16 ft and 850 lbs. 
  • LA500UL: Slightly larger, this light commercial option can handle gates up to 18 ft and 1,600 lbs. 
  • LA412UL: This solar-powered operator can open gates in places where it is difficult to connect a regular power source. 

All of LiftMaster’s swing gate operators are compatible with the LMRRUL Monitored Reflective Photo Eye, which senses traffic up to 50 feet. 


Source: LiftMaster

Slide gate operators

These are for gates that slide horizontally back and forth. The gate is typically mounted on wheels and guided by a ground or overhead track.

Slide gate operators are commonly used for commercial applications due to their ability to cover wide entrances. LiftMaster has six options:

  • INSL24UL: This lockable cabinet is a brushless DC slide gate operator with variable speeds and can be retrofitted onto some of LiftMaster’s older installations. 
  • RSL12UL: This unit has a smaller footprint and includes a battery backup for smaller gates. 
  • IHSL24UL: The IHSL24UL is rated for massive slide gates 90 feet or 5,500 lbs. It also includes the soft start and stop technology, allowing for more extended durability. 
  • SL3000UL: For high-traffic situations, this commercial slide gate operator comes in ½ HP and 1 HP models. 
  • HDSL24UL: A heavy-duty 24VDC slide gate operator, it includes variable cycle speed. 
  • CSL24UL: Used for high-traffic applications, it is meant for gates up to 1,500 lbs. 

All of the slide gate operators from LiftMaster connect with the myQ app, allowing smartphone control. 


Source: LiftMaster

Barrier gate operators

Barrier gate operators, or boom gate operators, are designed to control traffic through a specific entry or exit point. These operators control a pivoting arm (barrier) that blocks or allows access to a particular area. 

  • MA: Mega Arm is a high-performance commercial barrier gate. It is rated to cycle up to 6,000 times a day, and includes a battery backup. 
  • MAT: The Tower model has a more durable and robust box, with the same performance metrics as the Mega Arm. 
  • MAS: The Sprint model is for high-traffic access and can cycle up to 10,000 times a day with a speed of 0.9 seconds.
  • MAST: The Sprint Tower combines the best of both, offering high-speed cycling with a durable outer box. It is only available in arms of 8ft. 
  • BG790: The BG790 is an industrial version with a 24-foot wishbone arm. 

Barrier gates can control traffic in and out of a facility or community and help avoid tailgating.

Access control systems

Compatible with most LiftMaster TES products, these devices allow users to operate gates and garage doors without leaving their vehicles.

Some features of LiftMaster TES’s access control systems include:

  • Remote access management: Property owners have full control over who can enter their property and at what times using myQ technology.
  • Real-time alerts: Users can receive notifications on their smartphones if someone attempts to gain entry without proper authorization.
  • Flexible scheduling options: With LiftMaster TES’s access control systems, users can set schedules for the automatic opening and closing of doors, gates, barriers, and access points.

These products include intercoms, keypads, card readers, and smartphone controllers. 


LiftMaster now offers select intercom systems, adding another layer of security to their garage and gate openers. Their two models are:


Source: LiftMaster

CAPXS Smart Video Intercom

Made for multi-tenant buildings or gated homes, this intercom connects to the myQ app, and grants access only after a resident has visually confirmed the visitor. If used in a community setting, LiftMaster has a web portal designed for property managers to swap out smartphone credentials without printing new keys. 


Source: LiftMaster

CAPXLVV Smart Video Intercom

The more robust CAPXLV is meant for gated communities or facilities and features a larger screen and smartphone reader. It can control up to four gates, and includes a 135⁰ camera for more secure visuals. 


Source: LiftMaster

Keypads and controllers

Keypads are access control devices that use numeric codes or pins for entry and exit. Liftmaster offers a variety of options:

  • KPW5: This base-level keypad allows for five permanent PINs and ten temporary pins. It is meant for smaller communities and is compatible with most LiftMaster operators.
  • KPW250: As the name suggests, this keypad can hold 250 permanent pins, allowing it to work in commercial operations like storage. 
  • MK500GS: A self-contained outdoor access control system for gated entrances. 
  • KPR2000: This is both a high-capacity keypad (up to 2,000 users) and a proximity reader for keycards.

They also have two additional controllers—the SRDRST and SRDRKP models—that allow access through the myQ community smartphone app. 

How much do Liftmaster TES products cost?

The cost of LiftMaster TES products varies depending on the specific model and features. There are a few factors that influence price, including:

  • Product type (garage door openers, gate operators, access control systems)
  • Model (such as wall mount or belt drive for garage door openers)
  • Additional features (MyQ technology, battery backup, etc.)
  • Installation fees

For example, the LA412UL 12VDC Solar Swing Gate sits between $1,400 and $2,100, depending on the dealer. By contrast, the 84505R Secure View Smart Garage Opener sits between $400 and $1,000 (if accessories and integrations are included). The price of LiftMaster TES products can vary greatly.

However, overall, LiftMaster TES products are reasonably priced and provide notable value for the security and convenience they offer. Property owners can contact a local dealer for a quote and to discuss their specific needs.

Pros and cons of Listmaster TES products

As with any product, there are pros and cons to consider before making a purchase. Here are the main ones for LiftMaster TES products:


  • Widely recognized, trustworthy brand
  • Advanced safety features (e.g., rolling code technology) for added security
  • A wide range of products suitable for both residential and commercial properties
  • MyQ technology allows remote access management and real-time alerts


  • Installation fees can increase the overall cost significantly 
  • Some products may not come with all the features listed (e.g., backup batteries or MyQ technology)
  • Prices can vary greatly depending on the dealer 
  • Limited availability in certain regions 

Liftmaster TES vs. Proptia

While there are many security brands on the market, LiftMaster stands out for its wide range of innovative products designed to increase safety and accessibility for properties of all sizes.

Other similar companies may offer certain features or services, but LiftMaster TES has built a solid reputation on its commitment to quality and continuous innovation in the industry.

That being said, a notable competitor that often comes up in discussions is Proptia, a team of engineers and security consultants gaining attention for its high-tech security solutions.

While Listmaster may offer some innovative features such as MyQ technology and ultra-quiet garage door openers, Proptia offers tailored solutions for each client with their individual security needs in mind. Proptia also stands our as their software is much more robust and is esspecially attractive to customers that need granular controls, custom visitor settings, integrations, member management for country clubs and resorts, short-term rental visitor security operations and so much more.


As communities, clubs, and campuses become larger and more complex with the different stake holders interacting with the osftware and hardware the software solutions needs to be build to be able to accomodate all of this use cases and fringe benefits and that’s how Proptia was designed. It’s the swiss army knife for property managers and owners that need a suite to control multiple facets of a security operation from both vehicle and pedestrian access and security.

Proptia’s team of experts provides comprehensive risk assessments and customized security plans to ensure maximum protection for properties.

The 1 Fastest Growing Gate 1

Connecting property owners with professionals to provide customized security solutions, Proptia aims to create secure environments for both residential and commercial properties through advanced technologies and strategies.

The fully integrated, all-in-one security suite outmatches the limited scope of products that LiftMaster TES provides, and the team at Proptia provides expert assistance in selecting and installing the products tailored to your specific security needs.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, LiftMaster TES is a reliable and reputable brand offering a wide range of products for both residential and commercial properties.

With advanced safety features and convenient technology like MyQ, property owners can feel confident in the security of their space. However, competitors like Proptia offer customizable solutions with a broader scope of expertise, making them a strong contender in the industry.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a reliable and reputable brand with a wide range of products, LiftMaster TES may be the right choice for you. But if you’re seeking comprehensive security solutions tailored to your specific needs, Proptia may be the superior option.


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