HOA’s are Turning to Proptia’s Leading Software Suite as Tech and Security Become Top of Mind

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Costa Mesa, California — Proptia, a proptech startup, launched an intuitive single sign-on platform in 2017 that fills a massive void in the residential and commercial real estate industries. Today, Proptia serves some of the largest, exclusive, and distinguished gated communities and country clubs across the country. By combining flexible software with IoT technology, Proptia’s suite of solutions makes access control, visitor management, and community engagement straightforward and secure for communities throughout the United States.

Whereas most access control systems on the market provide little to no support, integrate with unreliable hardware, lack scalability, and have clunky or outdated user interfaces, Proptia is designed to be leaner and more responsive to the end-users’ needs. 

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For residents, a 2-step signup process and a single, personalized credential make it possible to gain access through perimeter gates and explore community spaces and amenities, effortlessly. And the ability to manage visitor lists from a web or mobile app eliminates the hassle typically associated with guest visits, especially in guard-gated communities. Meanwhile, property managers can use Proptia’s dashboard to streamline security operations, move-in/move outs, credential assignment and revocation to save valuable time and money. 

“Usually, access control systems are cumbersome and overly complicated. Furthermore, Property Managers shouldn’t have to be access control experts,” explains Chris Carr, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Proptia. “Proptia’s designed to make the user experience simple while doing the hard work and automation behind the scenes for managers. For example, our users can automate credential activation and deactivation based on a resident’s move-in or move-out date.” 

Proptia also combines features ordinarily available as disparate systems into one platform to eliminate the hassle of managing multiple tools. These features — including visitor management, credentialed access (like mobile credentials), smart telephone entry, and license plate recognition — enable system administrators to review community behavior and take action on unauthorized access from a single platform.


Proptia’s couldn’t come at a more opportune moment for residential, condominium, and apartment communities looking for a cost-effective way to enhance their technology while being mindful of the cost of labor and security personnel, Covid-19, or as a better response to the current needs and wants of residents. As technology evolves quickly, most access control systems are being rendered obsolete. At the same time, residents’ expectations are rising dramatically (including their expectation for technology to grace every aspect of their daily lives).

Proptia answers both of these issues, by offering a fast, easy, safe, and innovative way for residents to move into and around the community (and monitor the coming and going of visitors and vendors). And with a one-and-done process for assigning credentials and a simple cloud-based platform for managing the community, it checks all the major boxes for property managers too. 

Since property managers have more to deal with than residents coming and going from their communities, they need all of their systems to work together seamlessly. Otherwise, accounting, visitor lists, vendors, maintenance and more can get messy and time-consuming. Fortunately, Proptia’s development team is constantly working on strategic integrations to improve the flow of data and make work easier for the property managers they support. 

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Proptia’s partners with trusted channel partners across the country to help gated, guarded, and high-rise communities enhance their technology stack, security, and resident experience while increasing the value of their property. This has added an extra level of support and reliability to both Proptia’s channel partners and the communities they serve. 

Proptia’s even begun working closely with the National Home Builders and developers such as Shea Homes, Pulte, KB, Brookfield and Palisades Capital to get a better understanding of how they can support new master planned and condo high rise projects during the development stage. 

Currently, they’re exploring options like managing construction vendor access, sales staff access, model home access for self-guided tours, and technology handoffs between developers and community boards. Over the next few years, Proptia plans to expand its reach to elevate communities in other parts of the nation as well. 

“We want Proptia’s biggest reason for success to be our system of distribution, product support, and close relationships with our valued channel partners and customers,” says Chris Carr. 

Not surprisingly, this success is already being seen in two ways. One, through Proptia’s partners (like resellers, installers, and integrators) who are growing their customer base, increasing their profit margins, and delighting customers with the proptech solution. And two, in the traction Proptia’s gained with the residential, condominium, and high-rise communities across the US. 

That being said, it’s not surprising that communities and vendors across the United States are turning to Proptia to elevate their resident experience. From simplifying key property management processes to upping security and convenience for residents, Proptia offers an innovative and intuitive way for communities to operate. 

Now, the only question is: which communities will adopt this technology quickly to stay ahead of the market? Because ultimately, this type of cutting-edge technology is becoming the standard for modern communities and resident populations. It’s no longer about if; it’s about when. 

Proptia is a proptech software company based in Irvine, California. As a cloud-based solution, Proptia offers powerful, intuitive software to help property owners, managers, and service providers streamline community operations. Built by a team of property technology professionals with a shared vision and 30+ years of experience delivering technology and services to the commercial and residential real estate sector, Proptia simplifies and elevates access control, visitor management, and telephone entry for residential and commercial communities. 

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