The New Secret Weapon For Community Security

mobile credential

When you work with an HOA, you have a lot of priorities to balance. And the stakes are higher because your residents pay extra to maintain the safety, aesthetic, atmosphere, and value of the neighborhood. 

And if your HOA happens to invest in access control technology then there’s a really simple way that you, as an HOA property manager, can delight the HOA board and improve the community you manage.

It starts with educating them on mobile credentials! 

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What are Mobile Credentials?

Similar to vehicle transponders, proxy cards, and key fobs, mobile credentials allow people to access certain areas on your property.

This includes the perimeter gates and shared spaces and amenities like community parks, pools, tennis courts, and clubhouses. 

But unlike other types of “credentials”, mobile credentials are secured in encrypted and password protected mobile devices.

This means property access is limited to specific device owners — and heavily protected from misuse or loss. 

Why Add Mobile Credentials?

While it may seem unnecessary to swap out your current credentials and go completely mobile, many HOA’s are finding it beneficial to add mobile as a supplemental credential and give residents the option to use it. 

In fact, mobile credentials are being heavily adopted in the luxury multifamily and commercial real estate space, and now single-family residential communities and condo associations that utilize access control are starting to take notice of the benefits.

Let’s dig into just a few that your communities can tap into:

Have the ‘Wow’ Factor

Your HOA is constantly on the lookout for ways to boost the value of their community. Often, this comes in the form of landscaping, amenity upkeep, and property maintenance. 

However, with IoT on the rise and technology gracing every aspect of our personal lives, mobile credentials are setting a new standard for communities to follow.

The reason for that?

Not only are mobile credentials more cutting-edge than standard transponders and fobs, but they also offer security and convenience benefits that your HOA members can enjoy. 

More importantly, mobile credentials are quickly becoming a critical differentiator and a desirable amenity for residents.. 

Enhance Community Security 

Security is a top priority for your HOA members. But when all community access points are guarded behind a transponder, key fob, or proxy card, you run the risk of having unauthorized people enter community spaces either by residents letting people borrow their fobs to access amenities or credentials being cloned. 

On the flip side, putting your credentials behind the most encrypted device most people own and rarely leave home without, you can increase the level of security in your community, from the front gate to residents’ front doors. 

At the same time, you can control vendor access more easily by granting temporary access to certain spaces in the community.

For example, you can give your chosen landscaping company access to the main gate on certain days of the week between specified hours.

And with the right access control system, you can see when vendors arrive and leave, minimizing the risk of unauthorized activity in the community. 

Make Life More Convenient 

While key fobs and transponders give HOAs the ability to secure their doors and gates, they can be a major hassle for property managers and residents alike. For managers, storing, issuing, revoking, and collecting “keys” can be tedious and time-consuming.

For residents, managing multiple “keys” can be frustrating (especially if they’re late for work or trying to wrangle their kids at the pool gate). 

However, by using mobile credentials for access control, you can tackle both of these problems at once.

You can eliminate the logistics and expense of handing out fobs, key cards, stickers, and remotes, by remotely assigning and revoking mobile credentials to new and existing residents.

Meanwhile, your residents will have a single credential to gain access to both vehicle and pedestrian doors and gates.

If needed, they can also use Siri and Google voice commands to open gates and doors hands-free. 

And the activation process couldn’t be simpler for you and your residents.

When you assign a mobile credential through Proptia’s interface, each resident will receive an activation email outlining the 2-step setup process.

All they have to do is download the app and input their unique activation code. Then, they’re good to go. It’s that simple!

Easy to Setup & Maintain

Typically, issuing and programming mobile credentials is very time-consuming for everyone involved.

And that can be a major deterrent to residents and HOA board members who might be considering mobile credentials. 

Proptia’s “one and done” process solves this problem, by allowing you to issue and program mobile devices easily.

And once the mobile credentials are in place, you can put them out of mind even during Move-in and Move-Out. Proptias Auto Move-In and Move-Out will automatically activate and deactivate credentials based on the move-in and move-out dates set to a residents profile in the software. 

Making the Switch to Mobile Credentials

At the end of the day, it’s important to find an access control system that works well for your residents and the HOA board.

However, by adopting smartphone access control systems, you can take your community to the next level with greater security and convenience. 

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