It’s Time To Cut The Cord!

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Mark your calendar! August 2, 2022, is the date the FCC has mandated to replace all POTS lines with an alternative service. With prices rising and an increased lack of support, the time has come to “Cut The Cord” and consider alternatives to POTs Lines gated community telephone entry systems and Intercoms.

Why Should My Community or Business Make the Switch?

Costs: The cost for the onsite hardware and resources needed to reconfigure and power cycle modems that are not responding can become very costly to maintain a POTS line.

Maintenance: As of 2018 carriers including Verizon and AT&T are no longer installing or maintaining existing POTS lines. You may have already noticed the price for service and maintenance increasing. The Communication Workers of America reported that the reason many phone companies aren’t repairing phone lines is due to the cost, which delays how quickly linemen are sent out on calls. It’s estimated that $13 Billion is spent each year to maintain old telephone networks and the benefits gained aren’t worth the investment.

Inclement Weather: When inclement weather strikes such as rain or lightning strikes, in just a matter of seconds these weather events can take out a landline. Many phone companies are not able to correct the issue quickly and damage can be excessive.

What Are The Options? Proptia and our integration partners provides a few different options to replace your old POTS line:

Good–  Instead of replacing existing infrastructure, there is an option to convert the existing POTS lines over to cellular LTE to create an IP Network and add a VoIP phone service. This is an effective solution to future-proof the technology, reduce monthly telecommunications cost, and continue to use existing equipment.

Better – Cellular LTE is a good alternative to a POTS line; however, using an Internet Service Provider to create a network (Ethernet) connection with a VoIP phone service is a better option as cellular service may not always provide a stable connection and relies on the cellular signal in your area. In addition, by using an Internet Service Provider you can add other devices and systems such as an IP Camera System to record activity in and out of your community or business.

Best – Using an Internet Service Provider to create a network (Ethernet) connection with a VoIP phone service and replacing the old telephone entry system with new technology that provides the option to manage all of your resident records including their access control, visitor, and telephone entry settings from a single source interface in Proptia. Furthermore valuable security add-ons can be implemented such as:

Visitor Management Built for mobility, speed, accuracy, and reporting. Residents can issue digital passes to visitors and vendors. Visitors can call residents from the directory or enter one-time unique access codes.

Credentialed Access  Manage access to communities, units, facilities, and model homes via encrypted non-cloneable credentials such as RFID transponders or programmable fobs

Mobile Credentials  Access doors and gates with unique mobile credentials. HIghly secure, residents are not as willing to let people barrow their phone to gain access to your amenities as they are a fob.

Telephone Entry  Modern IP Telephone Entry Units come equiped with features that replicate a guarded gate with video, pass scanning, and intant reporting. All programmable from the cloud.

License Plate Recognition Proptia delivers ALPR/OCR vehicle license plate recognition for both entry and exit lanes capture vehicles make, model, color, type, image, and license plate number in real-time.

Why Should my Community or Business Consider Proptia?

  • Modular Solutions based on your Community or Business requirements.
  • Manage all of your resident records including their access control, visitor, and telephone entry settings from a single interface.
  • Resident App to allow Residents to Manage Temporary or Permanent Guests and Vendors. Residents can issue ePasses and access codes and send through email or text to their Guests and Vendors.No more universal access codes that get shared all over town.
  • ePasses can be scanned by the Gate Attendant or at an entry unit, similar to a digital boarding pass from Southwest.

The Proptia Telephone Entry System can be easily installed using the existing infrastructure of your old system. Available for DoorKing, LiftMaster, dwellingLIVE dTEK, Elite, Linear, Sentex and others upon request.