Residential Pots/Copper Lines Are Going Away: What You Need to Know

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If you are managing a property, one of your primary roles is to maintain the infrastructure and that includes both technology and security. Many gated communities, condo associations, and apartment complexes rely on telephone entry systems for visitor and vendor access. With POTS lines going away, however, analog telephone entry systems will soon be compromised whether you like it or not.

What is POTS?

POTS (Plain Old Telephone System), also known as copper lines, have been around since the 1880s. It is an analog telephone line that relies on twisted-pair cables made of copper. Basically, it transmits your voice from one location to another, allowing for voice communication.

You will likely find technology that still relies on POTS or copper lines in your community’s security system. These are landline phones, fire and burglar alarms, telephone entry systems, and emergency phones in elevators. Although copper lines have helped you keep your community running smoothly, a POTS line replacement is soon inevitable.

In fact, big telecommunication companies like Verizon and AT&T have expressed their desire to stop offering POTS services. The use of landline phones has been declining globally, and maintenance has become a financial burden. 

It’s no wonder then that these companies now wish to focus their efforts instead on POTS replacement with more advanced technology like fiber optic and coax cables–as these enhance the use of smartphones, VoIP services, and more. 

Should You Be Worried?

If there’s anything you should worry about, it’s choosing not to replace the copper phone line system in your community. Many property managers and owners still rely on this outdated technology, and it’s only a matter of time before their communities–and yours–will need to address it.

Here are a few reasons why you should ditch copper lines in your community.

Corrodes Easily

Copper wires are very susceptible to damage, unlike fiber optic wires. When their parts become exposed to oxygen, a process called oxidation, they start to corrode. When this happens to even the smallest part, you will have to replace the entire wire. 

Not only is this inconvenient, but it’s also expensive. 

Costs More

Copper lines are more expensive compared to any other alternative to your landline phone. Since they need protection from the process of oxidation, they require more care. To prolong their useful life, they must also be appropriately stored–adding to even more costs.

Copper lines also weigh a lot. Companies end up paying more to ship them, and they pass the additional costs to their customers.

Now that they are becoming outdated, you might expect the price to go down anytime soon. Unfortunately, telecommunication companies have decided to charge customers even more for copper lines. They want to encourage customers to make the switch, and it’s working.


Copper wires, when used with electricity, can be a cause of interference. This makes it difficult for you to communicate with anyone over the phone because it interferes with your phone line’s signal. And for property managers like you, unstable lines are never ideal, especially during emergencies.

Don’t expect telecommunication companies to do something about this, though. They are now more focused on improving newer technologies, which renders copper lines even more obsolete.

Doesn’t Bond Well

As bonding agents, copper lines are considered unreliable by the semiconductor industry. Most experts regard them as inefficient, unlike more advanced materials like fiber optic and coaxial wires. Communities should see this as a red flag, especially if they require complex wiring projects.

How Your Community Can Benefit from POTS Alternatives

Ditching POTS for today’s technology brings a lot of benefits. Not only does it make your community a safer space, but it also helps you manage it more efficiently. When you replace POTS, you can upgrade or altogether ditch your old security solutions.

For instance, you can finally replace your old analog telephone entry systems with IP-based systems such as 2N IP Verso telephone entry systems


Proptia’s 2N IP Verso intercoms are a telephone entry system that’s perfect for different types of communities. Since it’s IP-based, it does not require a major installation. Whether you are managing a commercial building or a residential gated community, it’s a great access control and visitor management tool.

On the other hand, old telephone entry systems that rely on copper lines are not as versatile. You cannot simply install them wherever you please. You must consider the materials involved, such as the wires, before deciding where they should be placed.

Increased Security 

Unlike old analog intercoms, 2N IP Verso comes with a hidden camera with a night vision feature. Now, you can finally identify persons even in total darkness.

You can also add external cameras to monitor blind spots. Just connect an external IP camera to your intercom, and you’re all set.


Old telephone entry systems lack the features that the 2N IP Verso telephone entry systems have. You’d be surprised how today’s technology lets you choose which features to use.

For instance, you can modify the system’s features by choosing the specific modules, accessories, and configurable functions according to your community’s needs.

Easy to Use

2N IP Verso telephone entry systems are also easy to use. They have intuitive controls to help you maximize their features and increase your community’s security. It’s so intuitive that you can easily install the unit yourself.

Old telephone entry systems, on the other hand, require expert installation. You will also need to go through a lot of trial-and-error before you can get used to its functions.


2N IP Verso telephone entry systems will save you and your community a lot of time. It comes with Bluetooth technology, so you can say goodbye to access codes, entry cards, and key distribution.

It even lets you manage your visitors from afar, thanks to its secured cloud connection. For instance, it only takes one text message to send your guest an ePass to gain entry. It’s the same cloud connection that lets you call mobile phones and tablets. 

The best part is its suitability for the disabled. Unlike the old telephone entry systems, you can install your 2N IP Verso intercoms with an induction loop and pictograms, which help those who are audio or visual impaired.

Where Do You begin?

Ditching your community’s copper lines can be a daunting and confusing process. Many companies are now offering alternative products and services, and it can be difficult to choose who to trust.

At Proptia, we will help your community transition from using POTS to fiber optic or coax, allowing you to access more advanced IP-based security solutions such as our very own 2N IP Verso telephone entry systems. If you are ready to enhance your community’s security, then schedule a demo with us.

Are you a property manager or HOA board member looking to upgrade your telephone entry visitor system? You can’t go wrong with Proptia. Learn more about its features by booking a demo with one of our consultants.