Do You Recognize the 4 Warning Signs of Problematic Residential Access Control Systems?

ONA 2 Do You Recognize the 4 Warning Signs of Problematic Residential Access Control Systems

Residential access control systems are a must for communities and neighborhoods. They regulate who goes in and out of the premises and help your residents sleep soundly at night.

Residential access control systems are like any other system: they need to be maintained to be up-to-date and tip-top shape. If you see these three warning signs, it might be time to replace your residential access control system.

1. Your Residential Access Control is a Support Nightmare

Are you and your residents experiencing issues with getting into doors and gates? Are access control panels going offline? Are fobs and transponders that should be granting access denying access? You may be scanning keycards more than once before you’re able to enter the premises, or an alarm could go off for the third time without a proper trigger. Or, maybe, access events are not being captured causing inaccurate reports. These are not just simple errors. It’s all a warning sign that your systems may need an upgrade.

To help improve security at your community, consider looking into a cloud-based residential access control systems. High quality solutions are typically continuously updated with ongoing software releases, and integrate with reliable hardware. Doing so can minimize error rates and remedy any rising issues. Updating your access control system can reduce unauthorized entries and improve reporting, and overall safety.

2. Your Residential Access Control Doesn’t Integrate With Other Security Systems

Do you have to manage different systems all at once to protect your community? For instance, are you managing visitor access and resident access from two different systems? Are you adding vendors to a spreadsheet and then giving them a universal fob to access your facilities for maintenance?  If keeping things together feels like you’re being pulled in different directions, this is a warning sign that you are running too many disparate systems and consequently your data is most likely a mess!

Modern security systems work and integrate with your existing security infrastructure as well as consolidate your operation into one platform. Even better, you can get your access and surveillance system, and more to work together as a unit, so your residents can have peace of mind.

3. Your Residential Access Control Is Not Cloud-Based

Do you still ask visitors to write down their names in a logbook? Do you have to manually lock all access points every single time? Do you still rely on on-site staff to monitor your perimeter and internal gates and doors? If you’ve answered yes to all of these, then your residential gate access control is not cloud-based, and it’s a clear sign that you need a system upgrade.

The next generation of advanced access control systems is now cloud-based. With access to all security features on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone, you can now lock up all access points with just one tap, monitor your community in real-time, retrieve data and run reports from anywhere with internet access. You don’t even have to worry about keeping these systems up-to-date because most of the time, your security solutions provider will do that for you.

4. Your Security Systems are Not Scalable and Enterprise

Do you manage multiple buildings or communities each with a different security system or login? Well with Proptia you can add organizations all under your administrative dashboard so that you can log in and have each community listed there in front of you. From there you can monitor all hardware, add credentials, residents, vehicles you name it from a single-login across your entire property portfolio.

What’s Your Next Step?

Now that you know the four warning signs of problematic residential gate access control systems, your next step is to contact a Proptia. Cloud-based security systems from Proptia provide innovative and effective solutions for your community’s safety. We have the experience, expertise, and technology to help communities be safer, smarter, and more productive.

If you’re ready to take your access control systems to the next level, schedule a demo with us.

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