Top Must-Follow Tips When Selecting Community Access Control Systems

ONA 3 Top Must Follow Tips When Selecting Community Access Control Systems

Choosing a gated community access control software can be a difficult decision. Property managers will need to consider how the system will work with their community’s infrastructure, the company’s service and support, what it means for the residents, and the system’s overall security. 

How do you know the gated community access control systems that are best for your property? The following are some tips for property managers looking to purchase a gate access control system:

Consider who and what you are protecting

In general, there are four types of security gate systems that gated communities can choose from: turnstiles and gates, video-intercom systems, access control systems, and electronic locks and keypads. Every gated community will have different needs for public access depending on its building design and the number of entrances. It’s essential to consider the level of access and restrictions you should assign to each space.

Learn the different features of community gate access control systems 

There are many types of access controls systems in the market, each with its pros and cons. Depending on how many residents you have, you might want to get a master key system or keyless access control. The master key system is where a computer remembers all the keys, while keyless access control is where ID codes are electronically linked using key cards, fobs, pins, or biometric access.

Master key systems are an excellent option for properties but consider keyless access control if you’re looking for a more modern approach. Ideally, look for a system offering OSDP compliant non-clonable credentials or mobile credentialed access, so the visitor can access locations using their mobile phone via bluetooth. After all, did you know that you can easily clone many traditional proxy cards and fobs within 20 seconds?

Ask the following questions when requesting information about gated community access control systems from your vendor

Access control companies need to be large enough to be stable yet small enough to respond to your needs. It’s essential to ask the following:

  • Is the access control system OSDP Compliant?
  • Can these credentials be cloned?
  • Can your current system be expanded to integrate with video surveillance and or OCR vehicle license plate recognition to add to the reporting data?
  • Can you manage the opening and closing of your gates remotely?
  • Can it do automated tasks like capturing the time, date, and photo of those who access the property?
  • Can you easily upgrade or improve the system if needed? How easy is it to get support if the system fails?
  • How often do your access control panels go offline?

These are some of the questions you need to ask your vendor when selecting a community access control system.

Don’t forget to consider management, maintenance and support

The installation of your community access control system is only the beginning. Once you’re up and running, you need to consider the daily data management and service of the access control hardware. Clarify with your vendor what staffing requirements would be necessary for onsite management. You’ll also want to make sure that you have easy access to the vendor regarding support and service.
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