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2N IP Reviews

Quality access control is critical for the security and management of any residential or commercial building. It improves the value proposition of gated communities, ensures businesses are protected from external threats, and offers a convenient way for occupants to manage visitors.

Among the many tools used in visitor management, intercoms or some call them telephone entry systems are among the most popular. They allow residents, staff, and hosts to communicate directly with visitors before granting them access. 

However, searching for the right intercom system can be daunting, given the wide range of options available. We’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to give you some insight into one of the leading brands, 2N

Below, we’ll examine some of the core product offerings from 2N, detail price structures, and explore how it integrates with Proptia to create a holistic visitor management and security solution. 

What is 2N?

2N is a European company that has become a leader in intercoms and access control systems. Established in the Czech Republic in 1991, it originally focused on telecommunications. 

In 2008, though, the company introduced the world’s first IP intercom, revolutionizing how the market approached this technology. These IP-based units quickly supplemented or replaced traditional analog systems, providing more advanced features, scalability, and integration possibilities.

2N continued iterating and improving, making a name for themselves in IP intercoms, IP audio systems, and IP lift communicators. Their products are widely used for improving the security of buildings, with a particular focus on developing products for smart homes, office buildings, and other public spaces.

What products does 2N offer?

Unlike other access control companies, 2N is not focused on physical security, cameras, license plate recognition, or burglar alarms. Instead, their specialty is in voice and video communication. 

Here are some of the products that 2N is known for:


In its simplest form, an intercom is a standalone voice communication system used within a building or small collection of buildings. 2N’s range of intercoms includes:

Source: 2N


This product is one of 2N’s flagship intercom units, combining modern design with cutting-edge technology. 

It features a discreet, award-winning, intuitive interface and many functionalities. It’s equipped with an HD camera and offers exceptional video quality. This device is ideal for high-end residential, commercial, or corporate spaces where aesthetics and advanced features are the priority.

Source: 2N

02 main entry img


A modular intercom system, which means it’s highly customizable depending on the user’s needs. This flexibility allows the addition of buttons, cameras, card readers, or fingerprint scanners to the basic unit. The Verso 2.0 reflects its adaptability to different installation environments, from residential to industrial.

2n IP Verso Reviews
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Source: 2N


The 2N IP Solo is a compact yet powerful IP intercom perfect for a smart home or office door. It has a camera with night vision, a touch button, and can integrate with home automation systems for a seamless operation. 

The sleek design makes it discreet and easy to install, which is excellent for smaller operations that need robust access control without complex installation procedures.

2n IP Solo Reviews

Source: 2N


This intercom is built to be tough and is 2N’s most durable option. The 2N® IP Force is an IP intercom that can withstand extreme conditions, including vandalism and weather elements. 

It offers high-quality audio and video communication and can include one or more buttons. Because of its durability, it’s particularly suitable for industrial areas, large commercial lots, or educational institutions where ruggedness is required.

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Source: 2N


The name suggests its application—the 2N IP Safety is an intercom designed for emergencies. This intercom features a bright orange finish for high visibility and a single large button that makes it simple to call for help or assistance. 

It is often used in public areas, such as campuses, parking lots, highways, or industrial zones, where immediate and reliable communication is necessary for safety reasons.

9152102W img1

Source: 2N


The 2N LTE Verso is another innovative solution from 2N designed to offer maximum flexibility and convenience in access control systems, particularly where traditional wired connections may not be feasible or cost-effective.

This intercom is unique because it operates over LTE (Long-Term Evolution) mobile networks, meaning it doesn’t require any landline internet or wiring for data transmission. 

Instead, it uses a SIM card and cellular network connectivity to deliver voice and data services. This makes the LTE Verso an ideal solution for locations that lack traditional network infrastructure, such as remote gates, older buildings, or temporary sites.

IP access control

For areas that won’t need intercom service, 2N also offers IP access control solutions. These systems provide secure entry through doors, gates, or barriers without physical interaction between the visitor and an occupant or security personnel.

AU M 3600x1780.png
AU M 3600×1780.png

Source: 2N


This compact and stylish access control unit is used in offices or residential areas. The “M” in its name stands for “modular,” signifying its flexible approach to security. It can incorporate a range of reader technologies, including:

  • RFID
  • NFC
  • Bluetooth

Depending on the model and configuration, it may also feature a keypad or fingerprint reader. 

These units can be easily integrated into an existing IP network and work in conjunction with 2N’s intercom systems or operate standalone to effectively manage access through doors and gates.

Source: 2N


The 2N ACCESS UNIT 2.0 is an advanced IP access control device that offers flexible installation options and reader configurations. 

It can use an RFID card reader, a mobile phone with Bluetooth, a PIN code keypad, or a fingerprint reader for identification and access. 

Suitable for a wide range of scenarios, including commercial buildings, offices, and secure areas within public or private facilities. 

Answering units

While an intercom is an external device that visitors interact with, answering units are the internal components that residents or security personnel use to communicate with and grant access to the visitor at the door. 

2N offers a range of answering units that cater to the needs of different users and environments, providing convenience, security, and management capabilities from the inside of the property.

91378601 Indoor View Black Stranger

Source: 2N


The 2N Indoor View is a 7″ color LCD touchscreen with an intuitive interface for easy operation. The screen provides high resolution and clear visibility for viewing visitors from indoors. It’s for those who want both functionality and aesthetic appeal in residential or commercial buildings.

Source: 2N


The 2N Indoor Touch 2.0 is an upgraded version of the previous Indoor Touch unit, offering a 7” touchscreen with Android OS, allowing not only for communication with visitors via the intercom but also integration with third-party applications and smart home systems. 

It boasts improved hardware for faster operation and can be wall-mounted for a sleek look in smart homes, apartments, and offices.

Source: 2N


The 2N Indoor Compact is a more streamlined and budget-friendly answering unit while still delivering necessary functionality. 

It has a 4.3” color display to show video from the intercom and buttons for quick operation. Its main focus is on clear and simple communication, making it ideal for smaller offices or residential buildings where a full-feature set is not required.

Source: 2N


The 2N Indoor Talk answering unit features an elegant design with an intuitive button layout and an HD audio system for crisp, clear sound. It doesn’t include video, making it a more affordable option without compromising on style. 

Source: 2N


The 2N IP Handset is a more traditional take on answering units, resembling a classic phone handset. It allows for direct voice communication with an intercom and simple button-based control for door opening. 

This device is suitable for environments where video is unnecessary, or an additional audio unit can complement a video answering system for increased convenience.

Other products

While intercom and access control are 2N’s bread and butter, they still offer some other products for various situations. 

Source: 2N

2N LiftGate

The 2N LiftGate is an emergency communication solution designed for elevators (lifts). It provides a reliable method of communication for individuals in distress or need of assistance while inside an elevator cab.

In many regions, elevators must have an emergency communication system to comply with safety regulations. The 2N LiftGate system fulfills this requirement by allowing trapped or distressed passengers to speak directly with a helpdesk or service center that can provide immediate assistance. 

Source: 2N

2N SIP Speaker

The 2N SIP Speaker is an audio system for public address and paging. It operates on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), widely used for managing multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls. 

This IP-connected speaker allows for live announcements or can play back recorded messages when integrated into a larger, centralized system. It’s suitable for use in various spaces, such as:

  • Schools
  • Shopping centers
  • Office buildings
  • Transport terminals

With the 2N SIP Speaker, users can make real-time announcements to a specific zone or broadcast to an entire facility without the need for a separate complex PA (public address) system.

How much do 2N intercoms cost?

Current pricing for 2N intercoms and other access control products is not publicly available. Contacting an authorized distributor or sales partner is necessary to obtain an accurate quote that reflects the current market. 

This is because pricing can vary depending on geographic location, distribution channels, current promotions, or bulk purchasing agreements.

However, to give a general idea, some base models, such as the 2N IP Solo, are listed online at around $1,100, while more advanced units, like the IP Style, begin at approximately $4,000. 

Keep in mind these figures are rough estimates, and actual prices can change over time and between vendors.

How 2N integrates with Proptia

When you integrate 2N intercoms with Proptia, a comprehensive property management platform, it results in a powerful, synergistic solution that significantly enhances the security and efficiency of a property’s access control infrastructure. 

Here’s how:

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

By incorporating LPR technology with 2N systems, Proptia can provide advanced vehicle management and identification capabilities. This integration allows for:

  • Tying vehicle images to records: When a vehicle enters a controlled space, the system captures an image of the vehicle, the make, model, color, and type as well as license plate and links it to the transaction record. This provides visual confirmation of the vehicle for subsequent reporting and auditing purposes.
  • Detailed vehicle information: Alongside the license plate image, Proptia can capture additional details such as the make, model, color, and type of the vehicle. This comprehensive data collection is beneficial for both security measures and administrative needs.
  • Enhanced visitor and resident experience: Residents can have their vehicles automatically recognized, allowing for expedited entry. For visitors, pre-registered license plate information can streamline their access, enhancing the overall entry experience.

Automated license plate recognition (ALPR) systems have seen a huge spike in growth over recent years as communities and businesses try to track and secure the traffic coming into their property. 

Enterprise-wide access control

Integrating 2N technologies with Proptia results in a robust enterprise-level access control system capable of managing a variety of credentials across different endpoints:

  • Diverse credential types: Whether it’s vehicle RFIDs, mobile smartphone credentials, key fobs, proxy cards, barcodes, or wristbands, Proptia can provide a unified interface for managing them all.
  • Unified management platform: Proptia’s intuitive, user-friendly interface streamlines the management of access credentials, making it easier for security personnel to issue, revoke, or adjust privileges.
  • Scalable infrastructure: The flexibility of the integrated system allows for easy scaling, capable of handling a growing number of users and access points without compromising on performance or usability.

Modern apartment buildings and gated communities are always looking for a way to add more security measures without inconveniencing residents. With an integrated system, you can add value without spending a ton.  

Manned visitor processing

The integration enhances visitor management processes, ensuring smooth operations at the guardhouse or front desk. 

  • Centralized visitor database: A single, accessible database manages visitor information, consolidating data from both 2N intercoms and manned processing locations.
  • Credential issuance and control: Residents and employees can issue visitor passes, which may include restrictions based on duration and allowed times of day, providing controlled access for visitors.
  • Streamlined operations: Front desk personnel can quickly process visitors, validating credentials against the integrated system ensuring only authorized individuals are granted entry.
Screenshot 2023 10 10 093621

Combining 2N’s state-of-the-art intercoms and access control solutions with Proptia’s property management platform creates an enhanced security ecosystem. The result is a more effective, efficient, and secure environment that leverages the strengths of both systems—essentially putting your 2N intercoms on steroids.

Final thoughts

Integrating 2N’s robust intercom and access control solutions with Proptia’s comprehensive property management platform creates a seamless, efficient, and advanced security environment suitable for a wide range of property types. 

This versatile combination ensures that whether you’re managing an HOA, a condominium complex, a multi-family residence, a country club, or a commercial property, you have a state-of-the-art system capable of meeting diverse and dynamic security requirements.

Through Proptia, property managers can access detailed reports, gain insights into access patterns, and use data to enhance overall property security. 

To dig deeper into access control options, discover best practices, and learn how to improve security on your property, we invite you to explore the Proptia insights page. You’ll find comprehensive reviews, expert advice, and all the resources needed to make an informed decision.


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